Gym: 9 strategies to recruit new members!

After months of closure, your gym can finally reopen! This is the perfect opportunity to expand your customer base by attracting new members. During the pandemic, many people have taken up sports at home and are determined to continue on this path. Make them want to join your sports club by showing them all that it can offer them.

Sports marketing!

Plan open houses

Next, it is important that potential members have the opportunity to learn about your gym and your brand before signing up. This is why it is in your interest to organize open houses which will allow them to see the premises, chat with the staff, try out the machines, etc. If this first experience without commitment is positive, they will be much more inclined to register.

For example, you can schedule open house slots for a few hours at different times of the week, to accommodate your prospects’ availability. A larger promotional event will also be an excellent opportunity to attract the public!

Offer free trials

Likewise, offering free trials is a good way to recruit new members. This is why many sports clubs offer, for example, one or two months of trial to new members. They can then test the services in real conditions, before deciding to take out a paid subscription.

A study has also revealed that once the first three months have passed, you can consider that a subscriber is acquired. So make sure that he passes this decisive step by offering him the services he needs.

Integrate new equipment or services

This leads us to the fourth strategy for acquiring and retaining your members: novelty. By offering qualitative, potentially innovative and brand new equipment in renovated premises, you offer a better image and increased quality of service.

Likewise, offering additional services also helps to attract new members, while retaining old ones. Group lessons, individual coaching, personalized programs, sports drinks and snacks, etc. Adapt your offer to the expectations of your target audience in order to obtain the best possible results.

Set up a loyalty program

Acquiring new members is only the first part of the challenge for your gym. The challenge is also to retain them. Even when a subscriber has passed the 3 month mark, it is important to encourage them to stay with your club. For this, loyalty programs are very effective.

Most often, this is to grant a bonus for long-term subscriptions. For example: a 5% reduction on the annual subscription compared to the monthly rate. Or access to the VIP area with free refreshments for all year round subscribers.

Create a sponsorship system

In addition, you can also set up a sponsorship system, which will encourage current members to bring in new members. Ideally, plan a reward for the sponsor and for the sponsored person (advertising gift, reduction on the subscription, free service temporarily, etc.).

Distribute flyers

In addition, the recruitment of new members goes through the visibility of your sports club. The challenge is to succeed in making it known locally, while setting it apart from the competition. With this in mind, you can distribute flyers in mailboxes, drop them off at merchants or even advertise in the local press.

Be sure to take care of your branding and the aesthetics of your advertisements, to convey the best image possible. Also highlight your strengths, the added value that will appeal to your target audience.

Offer advertising water bottles

First, consider offering promotional gifts in the colors of your sports club. This will help to make it known, give it a good image and strengthen the sense of belonging of its members.

In this context, the personalized gourds are a great idea, as they are useful during workouts. People can even use them outside and at any time of the day, giving your room good visibility! To complete the personalized gourds, easy to distribute to customers but also to prospects, you can also offer an advertising sports bag at the time of registration.

Organize a competition

Our latest idea is to organize a contest that will help promote your gym. Of course, plan for various rewards, such as promotional water bottles, a gym bag and club memberships.

This contest can be an online quiz, a sporting challenge during the presentation event, a photo contest on social networks or a raffle during the open house. Be inventive!

Communicate online

In addition, it is also important to improve your online presence. Indeed, the majority of people own a smartphone and do research before buying a product or service. Considering this, your gym should not only be visible on the internet, but you should also ensure that the information available about it gives the desired image.

So take care of your page Google My Business, by communicating all the key information (management, address, contact details, timetables, etc.). Also ask your satisfied members for positive reviews. Of course, your club needs to have its own website – simple as that is. Finally, an active presence on one or two carefully chosen social networks will help to perfect your image online.

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