H.Koenig the Professional Electric Citrus Juicer AGR80 – Review & Test

H. Koenig’s professional electric juicer is a juice extractor for professional use. It can also be used in a private setting. It is guaranteed BPA-free and allows you to obtain orange or grapefruit juice of irreproachable quality. Elegant and ergonomic, its use is particularly simple.

Video Review and Test of the H. Koenig Professional Electric Citrus Juicer AGR80

Where to buy your H.Koenig juicer robot

Presentation of the H. Koenig juicer

With a stainless steel structure, this device stands out for its robustness and the power of its motor. This power (160 Watts) is a guarantee of its speed. It is equipped with a lever arm which allows juice to be extracted without electricity.

It is simple, elegant and modern and has an anti-drip system that prevents the last drops from dirtying the worktop. H. Koenig’s professional electric juicer is equipped with a sieve in case you don’t want pulp.

It is also light (2.3 kilograms). Its movement and storage are therefore facilitated. Also, its motor is silent so you can use it without fear of disturbing the neighbors.

The price of this juicer is affordable, which makes it accessible to all budgets. Considering its many characteristics, we can say that it also combines a very good quality-price ratio.

How to maintain it?

Cleaning the H. Koenig professional electric juicer is easy. It is equipped with removable accessories that can be washed in the dishwasher. Using a cloth dampened with soapy water, simply clean its interior and surface.

Then wait for the various elements to dry before putting them back in place. You can also rinse the device with plenty of water for a more thorough cleaning.

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