Harnesses for Small Dogs – How to choose your dog’s Harness? Reviews & Comparison

You are looking for a harness for your small dog, but you don’t know which one to choose because you don’t know how to choose it. There are a few things that are essential to keep in mind, to ensure the comfort, safety and convenience for your dog. Here are some tips for making the best decision when it comes to your research.

Choose a harness according to the size

You are looking for a harness for a small dog, but its build can still vary. This is why it is essential to take the measurements of your pet before proceeding with the purchase. For this you must take a soft put and measure around the chest and neck, then refer to the size chart of the brand. Usually the sizes are similar and are:

  • XS: chest circumference between 25 and 40 cm. Ideal for small puppies, or small dogs like Yorkshires and Chihuahuas
  • S: 40-50cm for puppies or dogs like Jack Russels
  • M: 50-70 cm for Bulldog or Maltese breed dogs
  • L: 70-90 cm for purebred dogs like Australian Shepherds
  • XL: 90 cm ideal for large dogs like Labradors.

Our team’s favorite

For us Wapt Pet is a brand that offers harnesses of different sizes, including a size S which is perfectly suited for small dogs. It is a harness which is very practical and easy to put on the dog. You even have a choice of different colors to suit your taste.

Opt for a tie on the front or on the back

There are two attachment systems on dog harnesses, both will be in the form of a ring either on the front of the animal or on the back. Each of these two options has its pros and cons and will depend on your needs and preferences.

Harness with front hook on the chest

For this type of harness, the attachment system is located at the front, on the chest, which means that this is where the leash will be attached.

  • The advantage is that it is easier to withdraw the urge to shoot at the animal, because when you have the urge to make your dog listen, you just have to give a little bow and it is his head will turn to you.
  • The downside is that your dog may get his paws tangled in the leash in view of the position of the leash and depending on the way he walks.

It is best to opt for this type of harness when the dog has good walking skills and stays by your side, without wanting to pull.

Harness with hook on the back

The harness hook will be on the animal’s back, this is where the pressure will be exerted when it pulls and it is hooked to a leash.

  • The advantage is that there will be no more discomfort in the neck. It will deal with dogs who tend to remove their collars easily. For small dogs who pull, you will have no problem with this type of harness.
  • The downside is that if the dog is large and pulls, this hooking system will tend to get carried away. It is not ideal for teaching your dog not to shoot.

Choose a harness with simple, quality attachments

In order not to bother, it is good to wear your choice of a harness that is easy to put on your dog and that will not come off with every movement. However, it is also necessary to ensure that the harness is able to come off if the dog is hooked somewhere and it pulls hard to extract it, this is the safety side of the harness.

How to put the harness on your dog?

The dog must be calm, sometimes you have to put the harness on the neck and then hang it with the clips. The harness may be a single attachment system or several. Once the harness is on, you need to adjust it. It should neither be too tight nor too relaxed, the ideal is to have the space of a finger at the level of the blow and the various attachments.

Selection of harnesses with easy hooks

A harness suitable for night walks

When you need to walk your dog in the evening, at the end of the day, when the night begins to fall, it is important to be able to spot your dog if you have to let him go. To do this choose a harness with reflective strips to see it even at long distances. The nights may be humid, so a waterproof product that is water resistant is needed.

The right form of harness for small dogs

There are different forms of harnesses for dogs, there are 6 of them (H-harness, T-harness, Y or X harness, Full harness, Anti-traction harness, X Back harness), for the most part. between them, they will not all be suitable for a small dog.

For small dogs it is better to opt for an H-harness for example, it is the most common, it is very comfortable and easy to put on, the straps are generally wide to reduce friction and therefore irritation. .

The Y or X harnesses are also practical for small dogs, they are versatile and known for their comfort, like the H harness it has a wide strap. You can find models with double hooks, it is ideal for simple stroll or hikes.

A harness adapted to your needs

A harness can be useful for different occasions and sometimes you will have specific needs, so a more suitable harness will be needed. If you go for long walks, jogging, hiking, it will be more practical for you to have a cani-rando harness. For more comfort during the walks, consider taking a harness with good padding.

Where to buy the harness for your small dog

You can find harnesses for your small dog in specialized animal trade, or simply directly on the internet to buy the right harness in addition to our recommendations take a moment to visit the harness-animaux.com shop and its selection of harnesses for dog. The advantage is that you will not have to move, you will receive it directly and quickly at your home, a size chart is provided at the time of selection. In case of problem you can return it free of charge as on the Amazon site.

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