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Leclerc, a key player in mass distribution, has decided to simplify our shopping. Its Heyo app is full of promise. Does it fit with the famous slogan “you know you buy cheaper?”. Presentation of this star application of the super market.

The Heyo application is now no longer available, Leclerc, in effect replaced by a new generation application called: My E.Leclerc.

You can download My E.Leclerc here:

Buy cheaper with Heyo

Why download one more app, in our already busy phones? We were convinced by the savings made by using the Heyo app.

A free application

The Heyo de Leclerc application is completely free. Practical, it can be downloaded on iOS and Android.

Save money with Heyo

Coupons and promotions

We all kept a coupon one day in order to save a few euros. Except that very often, this coupon remained in the storage compartment at the entrance or vanished into an unexplored corner of the handbag. With Heyo, the available coupons are integrated directly into the application. We like this practicality.

Thus, we find promotions through notifications when scanning product barcodes. Ecolo, Leclerc has been encouraging waste reduction for some time. If we are fans of the stop-pub in our mailbox, we can consult the promotional catalogs via Heyo.

The dematerialized loyalty card

Heyo is also the dematerialized loyalty card. So our loyalty benefits are always at your fingertips. As a reminder, the points acquired during the checkout are convertible into euros. A “pot” can also be created with “euros leclerc”. They can be used the day after their acquisition, and they can also be combined. We’re checking the balance on Heyo.

Price consultation

We have all been faced with a price tag issue during our races. And the surprise at the checkout is unfortunately not always good. To check a store price, Heyo has an appropriate function. A scan of the barcode is inquired. Smart, we are also informed of a possible promotion in progress.

An application full of good plans

The economy part of the application is far from being the only function of the application. It is also a mine of good plans.

Place for culture

Heyo incorporates an original function, which will be more useful in Leclerc cultural spaces.

You can sometimes hesitate in front of the wide range of books, CDs, Blu-Rays, DVDs and other video games. To help us make our choice, Heyo gives us access to cultural extracts. Still by scanning the barcode of the product, you can read an excerpt from a literary work, discover a trailer, and rely on customer reviews.

Scan yourself and save your time

In the store, Leclerc provides “scanners” allowing the products to be scanned as our basket is filled. The advantage is a saving of time at the checkout, since the basket is not emptied (except in case of proofreading for control purposes, but it is still punctual). Heyo’s Scan-Buy function provides the same service. No need to walk through the store looking for the scanner.

Don’t forget anything

Shopping done, who has not realized they have forgotten a product, barely arrived in the parking lot? To remember nothing more, our shopping list is integrated into the application. Heyo becomes our personal assistant, our reminder.

To play

For the more gamers among us, Leclerc very frequently organizes contests. And endowments are reserved for users of the Heyo application. Shall we try our luck?

If we can easily forget our shopping list, coupons, and many other things, it is very good that we go out without our phone. So, let’s install the application for free, we have everything to gain.

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