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How does Wetransfer work ?

It is no secret that technological prowess has spared no industry. This revolution gave birth to several applications or transfer services that are very effective in sharing files. These services include We transfer : one of the most popular platforms in the field and offering many advantages. Discover in this


Who has seen my Facebook profile?

Because Facebook does not offer an official way for you to know who is viewing your profile, it can be very difficult for you to determine exactly who has visited your account. But do not worry. To find out who has viewed your profile, you can simply use Facebook’s source


Top 10 Sites to Watch Movies Streaming

With the proliferation of streaming platforms, you have difficulty finding reliable sites on which to watch your films in the best possible conditions? Do not worry ! Today we unveil our Top 10 best streaming sites to watch movies for free and unlimited. You will also discover some suggested legal


Buying guide – How to choose a WiFi repeater?

Sometimes the WiFi signal in a house is not strong enough, which makes internet surfing very slow. To remedy this, it is always good to buy a WiFi repeater which has the role of amplifying the signal and allowing to have a better WiFi connection. But how to choose a


Intrusion into your website: what to do?

Quick Access to Content – Summary In France, and throughout the world, websites are the primary targets of hackers. Extranet, intranet, banking portal, institutional site… None is immune to intrusion. However, this has harmful and even disastrous consequences, to name only information leakage and fraud. And of course, an intrusion

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