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7 tips for choosing your domain name

If you have decided to start a blog, then know that it all starts with the domain name! Indeed, this is what your users will type first to find you in the search engines. Obviously, he must look like you, but also, he must be able to make a difference.


Google Image: How do I delete an image?

Deleting confidential (intimate) images on Google image is not easy. It can be a very disconcerting experience, as no one wants to expose their life to the whole world. Fortunately, there are ways to remove unwanted snapshots from Google Image. Read this article to find out how! What are the


Open your business on the internet to supplement your income

Want to start your business online? Thanks to the internet, many possibilities are available to you to make your projects a reality and earn additional income. Today, we are witnessing the all-digital era and e-commerce is becoming a flourishing business, which attracts more and more young entrepreneurs. Dropshipping is one


9 Criteria for Choosing a Good Document Shredder

In the world of work, there is sensitive information that should be preserved. To keep their confidentiality, they will have to be destroyed. To do this, you will need a document shredder. This makes it possible to shred the papers in order to make their contents disappear. There are several


Uptobox – How to Make my Downloads in 4 steps?

Want to download from Uptobox but don’t know how? Do not worry. Today we are revealing the 4 steps to follow to achieve this easily. However, we would like to draw your attention to the illegality of this download platform and ideally suggest some alternatives that will allow you to


How to Save Music to USB Flash Drive?

With a USB key, you no longer need to clutter up your favorite artist’s album covers when you need to travel. These easy-to-carry gadgets can indeed be used to keep several albums simultaneously. Plus, copying files to these input devices is pretty easy. Here’s how to go about save music

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