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AUKEY RGB KM-P6 – Gaming Mouse Pad – Review & Test

Are you looking for a practical, high-quality gaming mouse pad? You will be seduced by the RGB KM-P6 model from AUKEY. An extended gaming mouse pad with improved LED lighting, very stable, comfortable and durable. Below, everything you need to know about this AUKEY RGB gaming mouse pad. KM-P6 Gaming


How to quickly create a forum with forumactif?

Nowadays, a website, to play its role perfectly, must be as dynamic as possible. Among the most popular options for making a website active is the creation of a discussion forum. A forum allows exchanges between users of the same service. Forumotion is a forum creation service you can count


Cacaoweb what is it and how to download it for Windows?

Quick Access to Content – Summary Cacaoweb an online software that allows you to watch streaming videos without time limit. It also allows fast downloading and sharing of multimedia files on its P2P server. Cacaoweb is the essential ad-free multimedia tool for amateurs wishing to watch movies and TV series


How to change the wifi password of a Gopro?

You are using a GoPro camera equipped with a wifi connection system. For better security of your data and more optimal use of your connection, you will benefit from securing your device’s wifi. To do this, you just need to change the password (initial or not). How to do it


5 mistakes not to make on your YouTube channel

Quick Access to Content – Summary With nearly 2 billion monthly users, YouTube is the second most visited social platform in the world. It is therefore rightly that it arouses the interest of many companies who wish to have visibility. Individuals who are targeting a certain level of popularity in


Why is YggTorrent changing address?

This is not the first time, nor the last time that YggTorrent has changed address in response to a blockade by the French FAI. However, they are not the only ones to block, Google, plays a big role in this change of address. But why is this change of address

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