When will 5G arrive in France?

Everyone is already talking about it and yet, it is not clear to everyone of his arrival on French territory. The 5g technology that everyone is looking forward to. But then when will it be available in France? What exactly is 5G? Everyone already knows the 4G network and it


Delegate the supervision of your information system

Quick Access to Content – Summary All over France, companies are trying to adapt to the stammering economic recovery. In the red zones, many still work from their homes. But in green areas, companies choose to maintain teleworking and even see their future through the outsourcing of support services. Are


Alcatel: Smartphones to buy

Quick Access to Content – Summary The Chinese manufacturer TCL, to whom we also owe the BlackBerrys, is updating the Alcatel brand for small budgets while offering a maximum of technology inside its smartphones. Successful bet or total flop? Comparison of the latest and best Alcatel smartphones The Alcatel 1S:


Using a PS4 controller: understanding everything about vibrations

The famous Playstation joysticks marked a real revolution in the world of gaming. For years, players used the directional keys to move characters, and the result was imprecise and rotating movements impossible. But, the joystick didn’t just change the way the characters move, they brought indescribable fun with the vibrations!


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