understand everything about the acronyms used!

Quick Access to Content – Summary MMOs, RPGs, MMORTS and other acronyms seem impossible to understand for a neophyte who barely discovers online video games. Still, it’s pretty straightforward. It is enough to translate each acronym correctly and to have a few examples to demystify everything. MMO (Massively Mutiplayer Online)


Top 5 apps to play for 2 on mobile

Sometimes, in order to have a good time with friends, a little competition is welcome. And to help, nothing like multiplayer games on mobile. There are a lot of multiplayer game apps for Android or iOS mobiles. No need for a computer or a console to compete with your loved


Watching Streams on Papystreaming, Is It a Good Idea?

Papystreaming is renowned for offering one of the best free unlimited streaming services. If you are looking for a site from which to watch your animated or series movies online, chances are you have heard of this platform before or come across it in your research. But is it a


How to choose the size of your phone screen?

When choosing your new smartphone, the screen size is an important criterion and it is often difficult to decide. There are a lot of parameters to take into account: do not rush. Here are our top tips for determining the right smartphone screen size for you. What screen size to

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