How to Create a Gaming Space at Soi?

If you are a video game lover, you need to have a gaming space to fully live your passion. However, to have an appropriate framework, several aspects must be taken into account. From accessories to decor, including intelligent lighting, all arrangements must be made to promote the right atmosphere during


When and How to Replace the Lamp of an Epson Projector?

A video projector can be used in many situations, whether in the school, professional or personal environment. Many models are available, but the Epson brand stands out with its high quality products. However, the life of the lamp is not forever, and sometimes it needs to be changed, but how


5 online games to play with friends

Quick Access to Content – Summary The online video game and board game industry is booming. Indeed, for years, computers allow us to keep in touch with our relatives or friends and these activities allow us to get closer. Being able to enjoy a moment of conviviality while staying on


Top 5 Legal Poker Sites in France

Given the meteoric growth in the number of poker players around the world, establishments offering this game have also experienced spectacular growth. In France, this development was characterized by the proliferation of online poker sites. We present here the top 5 of these sites. Pockerstar, one of the most popular


The 5 best apps for flirting with your smartphone

If by nature you are shy, you will have a hard time picking up a woman in front of you. However, technology now allows you to declare your love to whomever you want from your Smartphone. Thus, you can take advantage of different applications to accompany you in the quest


5 reasons to play MMORPGs during the Covid!

If this second confinement is lightened compared to the first, the leisure activities of the French are reduced to domestic entertainment. No matter how much you love series, you aren’t going to watch Netflix for 10 hours on weekends, and if you love books, your brain will be shut down

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