Light in the box review – scam or bargain?

The mention of the Chinese store Light in the box generally rhymes with a wide choice of products, good deals and attractive prices. But can you really trust this platform? The site stands out for its many advantages, but shopping there is certainly not without its drawbacks. Presentation of the


What you need to know about computer maintenance

Whether you are an individual or a company, managing your network or your computer park is often a headache when you do not have computer skills. But IT security and performance are everyone’s business. To overcome this problem, you can call on IT service providers, whether they are a self-employed


How to secure your company’s emails?

You should know that more and more hackers attack companies in order to make money very quickly. Indeed, today there are computer viruses capable of blocking your computer or even which will allow the hacker to take complete control of your PC. When you take into account the fact that


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