History of garden equipment by Guy Martin

During the maintenance of your garden or your field, you have already said to yourself “what a time saver”, the time saved since the days of the false and rake couple. But after you have already wondered how we have come to this point, the answer will perhaps be given to you by Guy Martin in his book.

From scythe to riding mower

There was a time when maintaining a lawn or its garden was not so easy as today, tillers, tillers, microtractors, motor mowers, lawn mowers, chainsaws, so many devices that were not available. Some of you have certainly experienced this development and still remember it.

But how has it evolved, where did we go? How did it get to this point where you just have to unload your riding mower with a loading ramp and walk straight through your property maintaining your lawn.

The witness of this evolution, the seller

The first witness to this change is surely the one who is closest to each model of garden machinery, the seller, the one who touches and knows each brand.

The author of the book History of garden equipment Guy Martin was one of these witnesses and the person who tells you this history of garden equipment.

He entered the field of garden machinery, within the company MotoStandard-Gutbrod, in 1955. Then, he left the company in 1968 to join Agria-France. In the mid-1970s, he created his independent training firm in sales techniques in technical equipment and products, for renowned companies in garden equipment, cars and agricultural equipment. He ceased his activity as a trainer at the end of 2001. At the same time, he participated in the creation of the SMJ, the Garden Equipment Union.

Lovers of materials from the past will find in this book exclusive photos and stories on the history of garden machinery over the past eighty years. The book is fun to read, it falls into that category of book that you don’t have to be passionate about reading it.

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