Home automation, what’s that ? What will you gain by integrating it into your home?

Home automation is a technology more and more present in homes and yet many do not even know the definition or do not know exactly. What is this technology? What are the advantages of integrating home automation at home? And how do you put it in place ?

What is home automation ?

Home automation is simply the act of making your home autonomous and intelligent thanks to technology, go here to learn more about home automation. Anyone can integrate it with small actions in their home, for example, programmed roller shutters, the heating which is activated on its own according to the ambient heat.

But that’s only part of what home automation can really do. The idea is to make a house completely autonomous, depending on your habits and the environment, daily actions will be done automatically.

For example, if you are present, the heating will automatically switch to a certain temperature for your comfort and will adapt for savings if you are outside. The lights will turn on if you enter the room and turn off when you leave and depending on the natural light outside.

3 advantages of integrating home automation at home

Woman holding a table, managing home automation at a distance from home

Home automation has real benefits for you and your family. It will make your life easier and allow you to save a lot of money. These aren’t the only benefits, but here are the top 3.

Benefit # 1 – You will save energy, good for you and the environment

By choosing to integrate home automation into your home, you will save energy, which is good for both your finances and the environment. Indeed, the fact that it is home automation, which manages your lights, your shutters or your heating, it allows you to activate the whole at the right time.

Advantage n ° 2 – A real comfort of life

It is a real comfort, for a household, your shutters will close automatically after dark, or if it is too hot outside and it may heat your house too much. Your heating will automatically switch on according to the settings you have predefined, in your baby’s room it will always be the ideal temperature.

Advantage # 3 – An integrated security system

In addition to these different advantages, home automation frequently includes in its capabilities the possibility of setting up a security system. Cameras linked to applications, an alarm set by a professional. You will feel safe with a home automation system in place in your home.

How to set it up at home?

The best and above all the easiest to automate your home and go through a professional. Generally the home automation system consists of a brain box which will allow the help of sensors and actuator to make your house autonomous.

In terms of budget, a home automation box costs between 200 and 600 €, after that we must add the various management systems. For heating, shutters, lighting, various connected devices as well as security, for an amount ranging from 200 to 500 €. The bill can quickly go up to 2000 € without counting the installation by a professional.

You obviously don’t have to take the whole thing all at once, it can be done little by little and there are basic boxes that already offer many possibilities.

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