Home Work Trip – Opting for the Electric Scooter

More than 70% of French people use a car to get to their place of work. However, the need to adopt an environmentally friendly lifestyle leads some people to turn to other means of transportation. This is how the electric scooter is chosen by many workers today. But how do you choose a suitable model to get to your workplace?

Which electric scooter to go to work?

There are several models of electronic scooters, each with their advantages, but some more suitable for this type of movement. Take for example the Barooder 2 Pro electric scooter from WegoBoard which allows you to easily cover a distance of 70 km, without being recharged, it is ideal for long distances and the lack of time to recharge.

You also have the 4Flex electric scooter still from Wegoboard, which has many features for safe movement and a lot of practicality with its 4-fold system.

Finally, the Suprem 3 Black electric scooter which is very light and safe, with a good braking system, good sound and light warnings. These are all scooters that have very good reviews on WegoBoard.

Suprem 3: A light scooter

In terms of lightness, the Suprem 3 scooter is recommended due to the fact that it is easy to transport and offers more amenities. Suitable for commuting to work, it weighs only 11 kg and takes up little space when folded. It is possible to drive up to 25 km / h and has a 36V 7.8 Ah Lithium battery, for good autonomy.

Barooder 2 Pro: A powerful scooter

The Barooder 2 Pro foldable electric scooter allows you to move easily on any type of road. Thanks to its robust 600 watt motor, allowing to reach a top speed of 45 km / h and its all-terrain wheels, as well as its suspensions. You can therefore take the road as well as the paths to get to work and enjoy a range of up to 70 km.

4Flex: A foldable and compact scooter

The 4Flex electric scooter is very easy to store since it is foldable in 4 and is also very light, with its small wheels and small structure. This type of scooter is suitable for urban traffic, to circulate between vehicles without discomfort thanks to its finesse and flexibility. It also has a range of 20 km, so it is more suitable for short trips.

What are the advantages of going to work by scooter?

An ecological and practical means of transport, the electronic scooter has many advantages. Among the many, we can cite:

  • Simplified circulation
  • Time saving
  • More flexibility and easier to move
  • Physical activity in the morning and after a long day of work

Apart from these, the scooter can considerably reduce its expenses related to transport, because the electric is more economical.

How do I know if my company offers aids for sustainable mobility?

There is financial aid to encourage ecological travel. Indeed, the law authorizes employers to grant annual aid of 400 euros to each employee in this context. The sum is paid to the employee who chooses to come to work by scooter, carpooling or bicycle.

The sustainable mobility package is thus set up by the employer after consultation with the Social Economic Committee. The employees are then informed or they must approach the committee to find out more. It is a help that will allow you to choose a good model of scooter for your trips home to work.

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