Homemade slime: The solution to keep your children busy!

Are you looking for a project to occupy and amuse your children? We suggest you make a slime homemade with them. Still called “glue”, it is a gooey plasticine, whose deformations and viscosity on hand leave a pleasant feeling. Kids are fans of it and even adults get caught up in its slimy and fun appearance. How to make it? It’s very easy ! You don’t need fancy tools. With a few ingredients, you will succeed in its manufacture. In this article, we present you some recipes of homemade slime making, in order to occupy your children.

Homemade slime with toothpaste

This recipe allows you to have a slime that is at the same time gooey, viscous and elastic. You will need gel toothpaste, salt, water, a bowl or a salad bowl. Here’s how to make a slime with toothpaste:

  • Pour the toothpaste into the bowl,
  • Add a little water to the bowl,
  • Mix until the toothpaste is completely dissolved. If the mixture is too liquid, add a little more toothpaste and mix again,
  • Add a big pinch of salt to the mixture and mix,
  • Place the product in the fridge for 1 or 2 days after having properly closed the bowl,
  • It’s ready !

Even if the consumption of the final product may be harmless to health, it is still preferable that children do nothing to avoid taking risks.

In addition, it is possible to make slime with toothpaste and shampoo. The result of this recipe will be thick, but just as elastic and pleasant to the touch. To the previously mentioned ingredients, you will add shampoo (prefer a thick shampoo). Here are the stages of its preparation:

  • Pour a spoonful of shampoo into the bowl
  • Add coloring if the shampoo is white and mix
  • Add a little toothpaste (1/4 of the shampoo measure, prefer Colgate toothpaste)
  • Mix the two (if the product is too hard, add shampoo, and if it is too liquid, put toothpaste instead)
  • Stir until you get a smooth texture
  • Put the resulting dough in the fridge until it is firm (10 to 60 minutes)
  • Knead the slime to make it soft and supple
  • It’s ready !

The resulting slime should not be ingested by children. They should wash their hands after playing with it. The slime can be stored after use by children. For this, it must be put in a small plastic container with a lid. In case, it will dry out or harden, it should be thrown away.

Make slime with cornstarch

Maïzena Slime, also called ” Oobleck », Allows you to have a liquid air dough at the end. But when you gently push your finger into the bowl, it crosses it. On the other hand, when we try to do it quickly, the finger is blocked. And when you take a piece of this dough to make a ball in the palm of your hand, it drips. As ingredients you will need the Cornflour, of food coloring, of Water, un large bowl or salad bowl. Once the basics are in place, you can move on to preparation. Here are the different steps to follow:

  • Pour a glass of cornstarch into the bowl,
  • Fill half a glass of water,
  • Add a few drops of food coloring to the water and mix,
  • Pour the colored water over the cornstarch,
  • Stir everything until you feel resistance,
  • It’s ready ! (If it’s too runny, add a little cornstarch to make it compact).

This recipe is quite interesting because the end product is edible by all, and therefore to children of all ages. And if you want your slime to be more enjoyable, replace the water with milk.

Homemade salt-based slime

The slime obtained from this recipe is thick and a little puffy. Its elasticity allows you to stretch or knead it as much as you want. The ingredients used in its preparation are as follows: salt, of shampoo, of toothpaste, of food coloring, a bowl or one bowl. The stages of preparation are summarized as follows:

  • Put a little shampoo in the bowl (preferably a thick shampoo),
  • Add toothpaste (1/4 of the measure of shampoo),
  • Stir the products until a smooth texture is obtained,
  • Add a pinch of salt,
  • Mix until it is peelable from the bowl,
  • It’s ready !

Children should not put the product or their hand in their mouths while playing with it because of the shampoo and toothpaste. After their game they must wash one’s hands.

The recipe for slime with glue

With the glue, the slime is stretchy and very slimy. Which does not fail to please children enormously. As ingredients you will need the adhesive glue (prefer cleopatra glue), liquid detergent or shampoo, of food coloring (unless you have an already colored glue). You will also need a bowl or salad bowl in which to prepare.

Then you can move on to the actual preparation, which proceeds as follows:

  • Pour the adhesive glue into the bowl,
  • Add liquid detergent or shampoo,
  • Stir the two products for several minutes,
  • Add coloring in a color of your choice and stir,
  • Knead the mixture by hand to make it flexible,
  • It’s ready !

Because of the use of glue and liquid soap, it is important to ensure that the product is not ingested by children. They should also avoid contact with the eyes.

Homemade borax slime recipe

This recipe allows you at the end of having a super runny and gooey slime. When you stretch it gently, it stretches a long distance. But when you go there really fast, it just breaks. The ingredients to use are: PVA type glue (alternatively, use Sader wood glue or Elmer glue), Borax (available in pharmacies under the name sodium borate), the water, of food coloring, a bowl or salad bowl. Here are the preparation steps:

  • Pour half a glass of water into the bowl,
  • Add a teaspoonful of borax and mix,
  • Pour the mixture into the glue,
  • Stir the new mixture with the spoon until the slime forms,
  • Continue to stir by hand until the moisture is gone,
  • Take out the slime and pour the remaining liquid into the bowl,
  • It’s ready !

The product of this recipe is not edible at all because of the presence of Borax. Avoid giving it to children who keep putting their hands in their mouths. They must wash at the end of their game.

Now you know how to make homemade slime. All you have to do is use the most suitable recipe to keep your children busy.

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