Horse name – list of horse name ideas

What could be cuter than having a new horse, but what name to give it? Try to find a meaningful, short, even original name for it. Besides, make sure its name is simple and cute so that it can easily be remembered. To choose your name, here are some tips that will certainly be very useful to you.

How to choose a name for your horse?

To select a nice name for your horse, base yourself on a few points such as its behavior and appearance. Remember that the chosen nickname should be easy to remember and pronounce.

Choose the name of your horse according to his personality

A horse is very expressive and manifests different emotions. To choose a name for your foal, why not rely on his behavior! Choose, for example, “Angel” or “Sweetness” for a calm horse. This will make it easier for you to memorize it.

Focus on originality

It is not mandatory to determine the name of your foal based on its parents. For more originality, focus on its use and appearance. In general, take into account the coat or a distinguishing feature of your equine to name it.

What name to give to a race horse?

If you have a racehorse, its name must be registered in the SIRE database. In this case, it should be 18 or 21 characters at most. It should not be an offensive or vulgar name. Also, do not include signs or numbers.

List of the best names for a horse

Find the perfect name for your horse from this well-stocked list of original, beautiful names for a male or female.

Male horse name list

And if your horse is a male, you would like to head straight in that direction. So here is a list of horse name for males.

Mare name list

Your horse is in fact a female and therefore a mare, take advantage of this list of female horse names to find her a nice name.

Famous Horse Name List

  • Sleipnir: In Norse mythology, Sleipnir was an eight-legged gray horse capable of reaching Hel, the realm of death. It belonged to the god Odin.
  • The Trojan Horse: Although it is not a horse of flesh and blood, the Trojan horse is particularly popular because of its history. It was a horse-shaped machine that was used by the Greeks to house soldiers and enter the fortified city of Troy.
  • Rocinante: it is the name of Don Quixote’s horse, protagonist of “Don Quixote de la Mancha”.
  • Kolstomer: protagonist in “Kolstomer: the story of a horse” by Tolstói.
  • Bayard: popular in Gesta songs, in the Christian Middle Ages, Bayard was half horse and half fairy.
  • Spirit: he was the protagonist of the film “The Spirit, the indomitable horse”.
  • Marengo: it was probably Napoleon’s best known and most famous horse. He was Arab and was imported directly from Egypt.
  • Perdigón: it was Woody’s horse in the different sagas of “Toy Story”.
  • Tornado: it was the horse of the “Fox”, present in the various films and books.
  • Gripoil: in “Lord of the Rings”, Gripoil was a horse loaned by King Théoden to Gandalf.
  • Palomo: It was one of Simon Bolivar’s horses, although it is doubtful that this is the real name.
  • Pegasus: In Greek mythology, Pegasus was the winged horse of Zeus, born from the blood shed by Medusa, after Perseus cut off his head.
  • Bucephalus: it is the name of the horse of Alexander the Great, which literally means “head of an ox”. It is probably the most famous horse of classical antiquity.

Name list for funny horse

List of horse’s name according to its coat

White, brown, black, so many colors that inspire you to give your horse a name.

White horse name list

Black horse name list

name list for brown and cream horse

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