Hot Wheels City Raging T-Rex

For the holiday season, Hot Wheels innovates with its Hot Wheels City T-Rex Fury and its motorized T-Rex. Discover here the latest Hot Wheels through its features as well as our opinion on this brand new track. Your children will only be delighted during these festive periods.

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After the Hot Wheels tracks in cobra, alligator, T-Rex and even shark versions, here comes the new T-Rex track with its batch of novelties.


The Hot Wheels T-Rex in Fury consists of a yellow truck with a built-in launch pad to propel your cars. In the center of the roundabout, you will find the orange T-Rex that you will have to defeat using your cars. Behind the T-Rex are two buildings that serve as a backdrop and garage.

New arrivals

The main novelties of this track are the appearance of a new car model, the Hot Wheels City Police Chief’s Car. Besides this new car model, the T-Rex is now mechanized and its movements are now unpredictable. Plus, the T-Rex’s roars are realistic and make it easy to immerse yourself in the game.

Comments and reviews

Like other Hot Wheels tracks, this new track can be combined with existing tracks. The mobility of the T-Rex is a plus when it comes to interactivity, which makes the game addictive. The parts of the track are easily connected, and the realism of the track is exceptional thanks to the stickers. In addition, the batteries are integrated. It’s the perfect gift, especially if you want to give it to your child as the holiday season approaches.

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