Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Giant Track Truck

Hot Wheels Monster trucks game is the combination of a huge truck and a racing track. Released in 2019, it allows children to create quite varied racing game scenarios. Find out about its features and user reviews here.

Hot Wheels Giant Track Truck Monster Trucks Circuit Review and Test Video

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This Monster Truck game pack has the particularity of being transformable. Its initial form is a large truck that transports both small hot wheels cars and Monster trucks. It therefore has several parking spaces to store the entire collection of vehicles of the brand.

By unrolling the top part of the truck, the kids get a huge racetrack. In terms of length, it measures over four feet and rises in the form of a slope from which cars launch themselves. It can accommodate 6 hot wheels or 3 Monster trucks.

It must be said that to reinforce the difficulty of the competition, the track is not smooth and has pitfalls. These are triggered when the very first cars pass and eject the slower. The winning car is the one which succeeds in placing first in the winner’s cup.

In addition, the returns relating to this game are mostly positive. It is quite a fun and educational toy for ages 3 to 8. On the other hand, the assembly of all the parts can be complicated for the little ones even if it is quite simple.

Finally, the set contains a car and Monster truck, enough to expand the players’ collection.

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