Housekeeper in Paris: How to choose?

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Indispensable in some families, the housekeeper is the housekeeper who takes care of the cleanliness of your home, when you do not necessarily have time. She generally has know-how and experience in this area. Would you like to hire a cleaning lady? If so, it is possible to go through a specialized agency that will find the profile that meets your expectations. However, it is important to establish your selection criteria in advance in order to find the rare pearl. Here is how to choose a cleaning lady in Paris.

Go directly through a specialized agency

Recruiting a housekeeper yourself can be difficult, to do this, it is preferable to go through a specialized agency. Thus, it is possible for you to find a cleaning lady in Paris with Helpling. Through this agency, you can benefit from advantages such as:

  • Easier research,
  • A suitable profile,
  • Tailor-made services according to needs,
  • Simplified administrative procedures,
  • The insurance of a trained and insured employee,
  • A 50% tax credit.

Significant advantages which save time and efficiency. It’s really practical to find a cleaning lady quickly, while taking advantage of good advice on not making a mistake and finding the right person.

How to choose a cleaning lady?

To choose a domestic worker, it is necessary to be based on various criteria. These criteria will allow you to find the ideal person for you.

Woman doing housework, dust feather duster

The experience

Cleaning a private home requires a certain know-how. Indeed, a cleaning lady must know the rules of cleanliness as well as the use of household products. It is therefore important to find out about your experience and skills in advance.

The organization

It is necessary to establish a list of household chores in advance. Then, you have to ask and observe how the professional organizes herself in carrying out these missions. She must know how to prioritize tasks and organize her time.


The other important criterion when choosing a housekeeper is confidence. It is not always easy to open the door of your home to a stranger. To do this, it is necessary to get to know your future domestic worker, she must inspire confidence through her personality.

How to recognize a good housekeeper?

Person doing housework, with glove and sponge

To recognize a good housekeeper, it is enough to take into account the aptitudes and qualities of the person.


Your cleaning lady must be punctual for each appointment. If you see that the latter arrives late many times without a justification, you may question its professionalism.

The rigor

Rigor is also an important quality. Indeed, the work carried out must be perfect and conscientious. A housekeeper must not leave any trace of dirt after her passage. It is a quality that makes the difference between a competent housekeeper and one who demonstrates incompetence.


A competent cleaning lady must be discreet. Indeed, the latter enters into the privacy of a family, it must therefore preserve the privacy of the latter. It is an indispensable quality for anyone who wants to occupy such a position.

How to react if things go wrong with my cleaning lady?

For various reasons, your relationship with the housekeeper can deteriorate, in these cases, here is how to react.

It is important to have a dialogue

Focus on dialogue and try to understand what is wrong. For that, it is enough to expose the facts and to ask for explanations and to push the research of the causes, a personal event is often a trigger of a let go.

During the exchange, it is important to remain cordial and understanding while agreeing on the elements to be improved and the objectives.

If nothing works out, dismissal or breach of contract

If the dialogue does not work, you will need to consider sanctioning your domestic staff if this is agreed in the terms of your contract with your employee. The sanction must be justified and proportional to the fault and must be formulated in writing and correspond to the rules of the Labor Code.

If the discussion and the sanctions do not change anything, it is advisable to separate from your domestic worker. However, it is essential to have a real and serious cause in order to justify the dismissal, while respecting the labor code and the staff themselves.

What can I entrust as a task to my cleaning lady?

Depending on the needs, the housekeeper can perform various missions such as:

  • Dusting
  • Washing and ironing
  • Preparing meals
  • Clean and take out the trash
  • Water indoor plants
  • Groceries

Woman cleaning the shelves

The work can be done in different rooms of the house such as bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, living room and dining room. It is up to the employer to establish the missions according to his needs and his budget. To facilitate the service, the employer can draw up a workbook or a table of tasks. In consultation with the housekeeper, it is possible to define the frequency of chores to be carried out.

What is the salary of a cleaning lady in Paris?

In Paris, the basic hourly rate for a cleaning lady is 16 euros. This amount applies for an independent professional. By going through a specialized agency, the salary of a domestic worker is between 22 and 25 euros per hour. Per month, this amounts to 150 euros against a hundred euros for independent household help.

Thanks to the tax credit, it is possible to benefit from a tax reduction. This represents a final cost of between 10 and 15 euros per hour. However, the price may fluctuate depending on the needs and the number of hours worked. In addition, some services such as ironing may be charged at an additional cost.

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