How Amazon is developing its notoriety with French basketball?

Amazon has long been discreet in sponsoring sports teams or competitions. But, the situation has changed for two years since the American company has become one of the major sponsors of French basketball.

The choice of this sport is very smart since the prices are accessible unlike a sport like football, sticks with the American label of the brand (a very popular sport in the USA) and the attractiveness of the championship is increasing, in particular with the broadcasting of matches on RMC Sport.

Sale of derivatives on its platform

First and foremost, Amazon is the leader in online commerce. Crowned with this title, the brand could only market on its platform the jerseys and products derived from French basketball teams.

Each Pro A and Pro B club even has their own store on Amazon. For clubs, which are sometimes light years away from their football cousins ​​in terms of merchandising, this is a fantastic showcase.

Numerous advertising inserts on parquet floors

It is impossible to watch a French basketball game without seeing an advertising insert of the brand around the floor. Large orange panels with a small dribbling basketball player are present in all the rooms.

Obviously, when it comes to a Pro A game broadcast on TV, the advertisement is put in such a way that the viewer sees it. There are even a few clubs that have part of the floor marked with the Amazon sign.

The Amazon shoot at 1000 €

This is the great novelty of the basketball championship: a game allowing a spectator to win 1000 €.

The game is very simple and has worked for years in NBA games where the payouts are much higher.

To participate, each candidate must comment on a team post on Facebook published a few days before the match. Among the comments, a winner is awarded by drawing lots.

During the break between the third and fourth quarter time, he comes to the middle of the floor and faces the large basketball hoop. A small show with advertising signs around the basket and music are there for the atmosphere. Then, he throws the ball from the middle of the field. If he marks the basket, he collects 1000 €. If he misses, he has the right to get closer to the three-point line for an attempt to shoot at 100 €.

For the American brand, the operation is very economical because the attempts are very often missed, and sometimes by a lot. And then, even if a basket is successful, the money earned is made via a gift certificate usable on Amazon.

What follow-up to the partnership?

It is impossible to say if this partnership is doomed to remain unique like Lidl’s with the handball championship or if it is a test before going on more popular sports, and therefore more expensive.

With Amazon’s reputation, it is quite possible that sponsorship will develop and it would not be surprising that the brand even tries to become an equipment supplier to compete with giants like Nike, Air Jordan, Reebok or Puma. Remember, Bezos sets no limits!

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