How and where to find quality tea?

Tea is the 2th most popular hot drink after coffee, but do you really appreciate its taste? How to find and choose quality tea? Do you have to go through a retailer? Many questions that are difficult to answer when looking for good tea.

Visit a tea retailer shop

Today, if you want to buy quality tea, you should go to specialized shops and not take teas sold in supermarkets. The tea will certainly be more expensive, but it will keep much longer and you will notice the difference in taste.

Many brands have a great reputation in the world of tea such as Mariage Frères, Damman Frères, Le Palais des Thés, Maison Theodor and many others. There are also in some cities simple retailers who do not belong to big brands and who nevertheless have products that are just as qualitative.

On specialized online stores

If you don’t have a store in this style, most of these brands have online stores. Through the Tea Portal, you can access these different tea retailers and take advantage of information about the desired brand and make your purchases.

Making these purchases online saves considerable time and saves choices on the same medium. In addition, the product sheets are perfectly detailed and allow you to have all the necessary information.

The tea boxes to discover

It’s a perfect compromise, you like tea, but you don’t know which one to buy, or how to use a tea box. Each month you will receive several teas selected by experts, in addition, you will have a small booklet with explanations. Later if you like the tea you can buy it in larger quantities.

This system has the advantage of making you discover products that are sometimes unrecognized and which are nevertheless of high quality. You can vary your pleasures with the different teas you receive, you do not have to finish your 100 gram sachet to switch to another.

How to choose the right tea?

First of all, it should be borne in mind that a quality tea is not tea in dust, you have to see the leaf. Then read the list of ingredients, it does not need artificial flavors, it can be accompanied by natural flavors such as citrus zest, or flowers for example.

Choosing in bulk or in sachets does not really matter, but it is necessary to favor reputable brand teas, not to take those from the supermarket. The leaves must be rolled and have time to infuse, but this is quite possible with teas packaged in muslin bags, which is much more practical due to lack of time than bulk.

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