How and Why to Invest in Gold?

Symbol of wealth and power, gold is reputed to be one of the safest investments there is.

Depending on your goals and investment strategy, you can choose to invest in physical gold or paper gold, including buying shares in gold mining companies.

2 ways to invest in gold

Note that there are 2 options for investing in gold: buying physical gold or buying paper gold. Find out what makes these two forms of gold investment unique.

Buy gold bars and coins

This option is equivalent to investing in physical gold. It is the easiest and most secure option for making an investment in gold. Gold coins and bars are then offered to you in different formats or sizes that you can ideally buy from certified companies or banks that offer them.

Buy paper gold

It is an alternative to buying physical gold. Relatively risky, this option responds more to a quest for yield in the short term.

Your investment can then take the form of index assets or funds that can be invested in an underlying (gold) to replicate its price. So investing in paper gold is more like buying gold shares, funds or derivatives that you can resell like most assets.

What is the point of buying gold?

Here are five good reasons why it may be worthwhile to invest in gold.

Good refuge from stock market crashes

Gold is above all a safe haven. And for good reason, its development is less subject to economic crises and stock market fluctuations like other categories of assets. It therefore presents a lower risk ratio. Which makes it the most secure savings option.

Heritage at your fingertips

Another advantage that physical gold offers in particular is the possibility of owning and preserving your wealth yourself rather than by third parties. In the form of ingots or coins, gold is quite easy to keep. However, you can opt to keep it in a safe rented from the bank for a rent.

A universal payment method

Another advantage of saving gold is that it is a universal means of payment. This naturally follows from the worldwide popularity of the yellow metal. Demand in the market remains strong. In addition, its price is known to almost everyone and it is accepted everywhere. It is easy to resell

An investment that is accessible to all

Contrary to popular belief, investing in gold is not the preserve of the wealthy. It has the merit of being accessible to all budgets. Anyone interested today can save a few euros in small coins and gold bars or gold assets.

No purchase and resale tax

Gold savings finally benefit from a more advantageous tax status. It is not subject to VAT when purchasing. As for its resale, it benefits from a 5% tax exemption from the 3th year and a total exemption from 22 years.

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