How Can a PABx System Revolutionize Your Business Strategy?

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PABx stands for Private Automatic Branch eXchange, it is a switch used in small, medium and large companies to improve the internal and external telephone connection between the different members. The plurality of services of this independent telephone system can help improve business productivity and performance. Here are some explanations.

What is the role of a PABx?

A PABx allows members of an organization to manage inbound and outbound telephone communications. Its function is to connect the various telephone sets of a structure. Thus, it ensures the connection of internal and external lines and concentrates the telephone resources of the company where it is installed. It therefore acts as an intelligent and centralized network which is in no way constrained by space or the size of the structure.

It is possible to add many features or extensions to a pabx to increase its impact in a business. In particular, it can manage private dialing, traffic, incoming and outgoing telephone call transfers, voicemail, call recording, queues.

How will a PABx system improve the performance of a business?

In a company, a PABx will make it possible to streamline telephone exchanges between customers and members of the company. It will help reduce the number of calls by promoting, for example, access to a customer’s file during the call. This will save time. Knowing the customer online will allow them to communicate better with them.

A PABx will also make it possible to build the architecture of a powerful telephone call and messaging network to distinguish priority calls. This allows for impeccable customer service. It will fine tune the distribution of information between agents without taking it through the public network and towards clients.

How will adding a call center to a PABx improve external communication?

Call center office with employees wearing mask during covid

The association of a call center software with a PABx will make it possible to personalize the customer’s waiting experience. The company will thus be able to offer a multiple choice messaging service to facilitate responses to customer concerns. A call center added to a telephone switch will also make it possible to provide information to customers in a voice mail. This is done while clients are waiting to be taken over by an agent.

In addition, this would make it possible to bring together agents, according to work units, to facilitate mutual assistance in meeting customer needs. Also this addition will make it possible to automatically redirect a customer to the agent likely to satisfy him.

This new tool is revolutionizing business communication for better agent productivity and better service. Thanks to these numerous extensions, it will change your experience of telephony in a company.

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