How can digital signage boost your communication on a local scale?

Do you want to boost your communication at the local level? Still referred to as digital, digital, interactive or computer-assisted signage, dynamic signage is by far the most effective technique for optimizing your communication, in particular with the many advantages it offers. In the rest of this article, you will find everything you need to know about digital signage, as well as all the good reasons to adopt it to breathe new life into your outdoor communication strategy.

Digital signage, a way to communicate effectively

Dynamic display is a means of communication which allows you to broadcast multimedia content (videos, images, power point presentations, etc.) on screens installed in public places, for information or advertising purposes. These broadcast screens vary in size and type and can be installed inside stores, businesses, or outdoors, to serve as billboards.

Its principle is both very simple and effective. From your computer, all you have to do is load the media to be broadcast and transfer them to the broadcast server (which can be local or on the internet), which will be responsible for transmitting the corresponding media to the different screens, in going through readers.

Why use dynamic signage instead of static signage?

Delivering your content with digital signage has countless advantages for you, compared to static signage, which is frozen.

Simultaneous broadcasting in real time on several screens, even very distant

From your computer, you can organize and launch the broadcasting of various media on all your screens simultaneously, regardless of their distance. This allows you to quickly reach a large audience.

Distribution of all types of media

Unlike the static poster which is limited to displaying an image on paper, with digital signage you can display videos, text messages, power point presentations and many other types of media. This therefore makes digital signage much more attractive.

Allows you to personalize advertisements

As with digital signage you can stream any type of multimedia content and edit it in real time on multiple screens at the same time, so you have the ability to constantly adapt your broadcast content to suit a specific target audience, season or temperature (display of swimwear advertising when it is over 30 ° in summer, for example), the time …

However, digital signage has some limitations

Before embarking on digital signage, you should be aware of the constraints it presents. This is because the costs of acquiring, operating and maintaining the hardware are extremely high compared to static displays. In addition, digital signage generates excessive energy consumption, in particular to run computers, servers, readers and especially display screens. Finally, the equipment is more sensitive and less resistant to bad weather (rain, snow, sun, etc.) than conventional display panels.

This is the reason why only agencies can set up this type of solution.

How to boost your communication with digital signage?

If you want to take advantage of digital signage to boost your local communication, you don’t need to buy all the required hardware. It is clear that bringing together an expert agency in digital signage such as is the best solution for you.

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