How can I have longer nails?

Do you want to have longer nails but don’t know how to go about it? Do not worry. All you need to do is apply one of our many tips, such as choosing light and natural colors, taking good care of your cuticles, applying your nail polish meticulously and many more.

Prefer clear and natural colors

Powder Pink Varnish
Pale colors for every day

Going for a nail polish in light colors is one of the easiest tips you can apply to lengthen your nails, especially if they are relatively short. This choice is to be made to the detriment of darker colors which can have the disadvantage of accentuating the reduced size of your nails.

The interest in light-colored varnishes lies in the fact that once applied, they will create an optical illusion giving the impression that your nails are longer. A result that will be even more satisfying with natural colors. Closer to the natural color of your skin, this type of varnish will have the effect of concealing the limits between your nails and your fingers.

Basically, while light, natural colors don’t actually make your nails grow, they do make them look longer.

Remove all cuticles well

Manicure at a beautician
Manicure at a beautician

The secret to having beautiful and long nails also lies in the care given to your cuticles. The cuticles are this thin layer of skin located at the base of your natural nails and its contours to protect them from external aggressions. However, they can dry out or curl up and appear unsightly.

You will then need to take care to remove or push them back in order to restore the shine of your nails and lengthen them a little. However, it is an operation to be carried out with care to avoid injuring yourself and infecting your nails.

We recommend that you soften and soften them before removing or pushing them back with the right tool (a suitable cuticle pusher stick) and applying cuticle care creams and oils.

Do not put the varnish all over the nail, avoid the edges

Applying your nail polish meticulously can also help you have longer nails, or at least make them look longer. In this sense, we advise you not to put a layer of varnish on the entire surface of your nail.

In addition, you must take care to varnish them by avoiding putting any on the edges. On the other hand, the ideal would be to make sure to leave a small space on the sides of the nail, approximately 2 to 3 mm of free border on each side of your nail.

The French manicure lengthens the nail

Colorful dress woman with french manicure
The timeless French Manicure

To have longer nails you can finally resort to specific and well-known manicure techniques such as the French manicure. The advantage with this style of manicure is not only the beautification it brings to your nails and fingers, but also the fact that it creates an illusion that makes your nails look visibly longer.

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