How can I improve the quality of my wifi network in my home?

Whether it is to make online payments, to work, to interact with loved ones via social networks or otherwise, we need a good internet connection.

Although Wi-Fi is convenient, it can sometimes be inconvenient for us. This essentially results in untimely disconnections. As a result, the quality of the internet connection is lower and may be out of reach in certain parts of the accommodation.

However, don’t be afraid, with a few simple tips, you can improve the quality of W-Fi in your home.

Know the source of the problem

Before any manipulation, you must determine the cause of the low level of your connection. This can be due to several things. The drop in speed, the limited extent of the Wi-Fi connection and the presence of machines broadcasting electromagnetic waves are among other the main causes of this dysfunction.

In either of these cases, this can have consequences on the signal of your internet box. On the other hand, if you live in a densely populated area, your neighbors’ Wi-Fi network can also greatly disrupt yours. It is therefore important to determine the cause of the problem before improving the quality of the WiFi.

Improve the quality of my Wi-Fi: tips

To successfully optimize the quality of your Wi-Fi in your home, the tips below will surely be very useful to you.

Find the right location for your box

You have to find the right location for your box. The best alternative is to place it in the center of your home. This helps reduce obstacles between Wi-Fi and terminals.

In addition, this location allows to obtain a good distribution of the Wi-Fi waves. Also, to better improve its quality, you must put the box in a well cleared place. It is advisable to place it high rather than on the ground.

In addition, keep the box away from certain disruptors such as: domestic cordless telephones, microwaves, baby monitors or even aquariums. They can cause interference. Leave a space of 2 meters between the box and high-tech accessories.

Extend the Wi-Fi network

This is the cheapest solution, opt for a repeater or a router with several satellites. This helps increase signal coverage. The repeater retransmits the signal it retrieves from your modem as far as possible like a Wi-Fi hotspot.

For it to work properly, you also need to find a good location for it. It is advisable to put it halfway between your box and the area to be covered. Too far, it will pick up the signal from the box poorly and too close, it will not extend the Wi-Fi. Note that some repeater models have an indicator to determine if its location is good.

Use the electrical network

For those who are not very fond of Wi-Fi, this is an alternative solution. It is a question of setting up an in-line electrical device, known more under the name of CPL kit. Its role is to allow the transition of data via the electrical network of your home.

This high-tech accessory is made up of two adapters. One is connected to the modem by an Ethernet cable that plugs into an electrical outlet and the other serves as an exit point. You will have to use a Powerline Wifi socket.

For this technology, either you connect your computer to the output directly via Ethernet, or you add a Wi-Fi terminal that will transmit the network in the area or vice versa. It is the most efficient solution for connecting multiple devices.

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