How can you help a spa refuge?

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What image of animals is sadder than that of a small cat or dog locked in a cage and sadly awaiting euthanasia?

It is unfortunately a fate that happens every year to thousands of animals recovered by the SPA and which do not quickly find a foster family.

If you feel concerned by this tragedy, you can take action by supporting the SPA and its animals. Find out how.

Adopt a pet from a shelter

The best way to help a dog or cat in a SPA shelter is to adopt it! Instead of buying a dog in a pet store that does not care for his well-being or taking a LOF dog when you don’t want to show him off at a dog show, adopt a leftover from the SPA .

Take him out of his kennel and he will be a most loyal dog. Obviously, the dog you adopt must correspond to your family, your other animals, your experience in animal education …

Volunteering for the shelter

SPAs often lack arms. Looking after animals isn’t all great jobs, but without dedicated people to do them, shelters could no longer function.

Do not hesitate to offer your services to shelters. They are used to receiving offers of help that do not result in any commitment, so it is possible to feel like they are receiving a cold reception. Go beyond these appearances and you will find that the love of animals will bring you closer.

In a shelter, you will be able to feed the animals, check that they are doing well, but also clean their habitat or walk them so that they can do something other than go around in circles in their cage.

Donate to the SPA

To function, the SPA needs a lot of money. The sums collected when families adopt dogs and cats at the SPA are not enough to meet all the needs.

The SPA needs money for its premises, its few full-time employees, to feed the animals, and above all to pay the veterinary costs.

On the SPA website, you can make a direct donation or switch to a monthly payment system. You can also make a donation when you see members of the association canvassing, which happens quite regularly in supermarkets.

Promote the association

At your level, you can become an ambassador for dog shelters. Just like a brand, an association always needs to increase its notoriety.

The first possible thing, free and fast, is to subscribe to the SPA pages on social networks. Then, when they publish messages that you feel are important to share, such as an open house in your area, a specific fundraising appeal, or the discovery of abuse, pass the information on to your friends or own followers.

Promoting the SPA also means talking about it around you. When friends tell you are thinking about adopting a dog, tell them to take a tour of the local SPA to see the animals available. They might fall in love with an animal that will keep them happy for years to come!

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