How can you no longer be afraid of your virginity?

For everyone, the first intercourse is one of the most important moments in life. And this stage generally generates stress, because it contains an element of the unknown. However, this fear is even more pronounced in women than in men. Why ? Because it is they who undergo the penetration.

Indeed, unless you are usually a very Zen woman, the idea of ​​being confronted with the first vaginal penetration is often accompanied by a little apprehension. This article will give you some tips to get you through this step stress-free.

The ideal age

What is the ideal age to have your first fearless sex? It will amaze you if we tell you that there is no ideal or “normal” age to do this, but it is. We don’t mean that a girl can be penetrated at any age. No ! We simply start from the fact that everyone knows the age it takes to speak or act out of sexuality. But from that age on, no one should feel pressured into doing it.

Sexuality is an intimate thing and therefore it concerns only oneself. So don’t be in a rush to have sex because all of your friends are doing it. Only get started when you feel like it, find the “right fit”, and when you feel psychologically and physically ready.

Communicate well

There are some girls who are ashamed to tell their partner that they are still virgins. Usually, they do so for fear of being rejected by it. And it is serious. If your so-called lover is leaving you because of your virginity, then this is not the right person for the first time. Yes ! You must at all costs live this experience of the first with a person you trust.

In fact, it’s always best to confess your virginity to your partner. Confide in him your fears, your concerns and your expectations before the accomplishment of the mysterious act. This will make it easier for him to understand you. He will then be able to adapt better to the situation and be gentler in his movements.

But if you decide not to tell your partner about your virginity, you will be solely responsible for any inconvenience that will arise.

Look for sensations close to a relationship with a sex toy

We are in 2019 and the use of sex toys has become completely democratized. If you don’t know what it is, know that it is a sex toy that is used primarily for the purpose of facilitating and increasing human sexual pleasure. It is the ideal equipment to simulate a woman’s vagina and prepare it for the fateful act.

It will allow you to know the sensations which you will be confronted with during the penetration with your partner.

Bleeding and pain

The fear of the first sexual relation is due in large part in the girls to certain received ideas in particular the bleeding and the pains. For information, not all girls bleed during their first intercourse. Bleeding is in fact caused by the rupture of the hymen during penetration.

But not all women are born with the hymen. Others, on the other hand, are born with this element and can break it by doing physical exercises. It is therefore not obvious that you experience this situation during the act.
As for the pain of the first time, it is not an obligation either. You may not feel anything as long as you are relaxed. Indeed, this pain comes from stress.

This feeling causes your vagina to contract involuntarily and not lubricate (wet) enough to allow easy penetration of the penis.

Finally, tell yourself that everyone has been there for the first time and that no one has ever died.

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