How do I choose a puzzle for my child? Reviews & Comparison

The choice of the puzzle will mainly take into account the age of your child, but also the universe he appreciates. You might pick up a puzzle of her favorite cartoon characters, or her favorite animal. What size to choose, how many pieces, with or without a model, so many questions you have to ask yourself before making your choice.

Choose a puzzle according to the age of my child

Before choosing the image that will be represented, you have to search through the puzzles that will correspond to your age.

From 18 months

It is possible to offer puzzles to your child very early on, as long as he knows how to hold and move objects with his little hands. Puzzles from the age of 18 months are rather thick wooden pieces or cubes, because at this age it is not impossible that it ends up in the mouth.

Choose playful puzzles at the same time, with animals or objects, making noise, textures or with very pronounced colors. He is at an age where he discovers, he learns, it is the opportunity to combine pleasure and learning.

From 2 to 5 years old

You can start offering him puzzles with pieces, start with puzzles of 3 to 5 pieces. Then when he has mastered that, you can offer him puzzles of ten pieces. Do not choose a puzzle with flying pieces, there must be a frame, with the shape of the pieces drawn.

Sometimes it is possible to find puzzles with the outline, as well as the drawn image, which makes the work easier and helps him to understand the principle. Little by little they will understand that it is easier to already make the outline of the puzzle instead of taking random pieces.

Then, you just have to increase the number of pieces, the age is often indicated on the boxes of the puzzles, from 3 years old you can take a maximum of 30 pieces then up to 5 years old push up to 50 pieces.

From 6 years and over

Things get tough, the child has understood the principle of the puzzle; you can easily take more than 50 pieces, reach 250 pieces from 7 years old and 500 and more from 9 years old. This is where you will start to choose universes that your child enjoys.

Consider also offering playful puzzles, which have an objective in their learning, a map of France for example, or of the human body.

Choose your puzzle using this video

Choose the puzzle according to a universe

When he is small, the theme of the puzzle has little importance, he likes to discover, mainly animals at the start, he will imitate them while playing. Then he will start to watch TV, with characters he likes a lot, like the Disney heroes, the Paw Patrol that you can find among a large collection of puzzles on the Private Toy store.

The larger their choice will be more and more precise, characters, an animal, a landscape, it doesn’t matter but it will be necessary to take this into account. A universe he loves, the planets, the environment, the world.

But remember the puzzles are not just for children, you can enjoy doing it with it and even make your own puzzle by choosing a large number of pieces from 500 pieces for example.

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