How Do I Choose Jeans That Suit My Silhouette?

Jeans are one of the essential clothes to have in a wardrobe. You can wear it, whatever the season. However, the choice of these pants should not be made at random. You must take your figure into account to make the best choice. Here’s how to choose jeans that might suit your figure.

Which jeans when you have short legs? Slim or straight jeans

If you have short legs, you must avoid pants that might pack you down. This is the case for example of bootcut or flat jeans. So turn to a straight or slim jeans. This kind of clothes lengthens your legs. If you wear it, pair it with a heeled shoe.

Which jeans when you have wide hips? Bootcut jeans

People with wide hips should avoid any pants that can tighten them at the waist. Bootcut jeans are therefore the most recommended model in that case. The right model may also be suitable for you. These kind of jeans are suitable enough to show off you. You can pair the bootcut jeans with a wedge shoe or low-boots.

Which jeans when you have a flat butt? Low waist jeans

Do you have a fairly flat butt? Go for low rise jeans which is very suitable for your figure. Note that there are models of low rise jeans designed specifically to give the impression that the buttocks are plump. There are even some who have pads that optimize the volume of the buttocks.

Which jeans when you have a plump butt? High waist jeans

The ideal pants for people with plump buttocks are designed with a long crotch. It’s about high waist jeans. This prevents underwear from showing or hollows appearing. High-waisted jeans that go up a lot more at the back are the perfect model to show off your bottom.

Which jeans when you have long legs? Slim or flare jeans

Flared or slim jeans are the most suitable for highlight your long legs. The most important thing is to wear pants that stick to your hips and thighs.

Which jeans when you’re round? High waist jeans

If you are a curvy woman, the jeans you need are the one that can make you taller, pronounce your size and highlight your figure. The high waist pants are the most suitable for you. If you want jeans that can make you taller, go for the jean legs of eph or the straight cut.

Which jeans when you’re thin? Skinny jeans

If you have a fairly slim figure with little hip and chest, try on the Skinny jeans. This is the most suitable model for your body type. You can combine it with a wide and long sweater or a men’s shirt?

Which jeans when you have wide thighs? Raw color jeans

People who have wide legs can opt for raw jeans. Indeed, the faded pants at the front of your leg make it possible to refine the width of the thighs.

Where to buy jeans that will be perfectly suited to my figure?

Now that you’ve spotted the jeans that will best suit your figure, it’s time to buy them. For this you have several solutions, go directly to the store or simply do your shopping online. The Jean Station boutique specializes in jeans, you will surely find the jeans that will suit you.

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