How do I deal with Bad Online Reviews on my Store?

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For today’s e-commerce retailers, negative feedback comes as quickly as opening the store. Bad reviews really give you power as a retailer. They give you the opportunity to use your brand voice, right your wrongs, and provide great customer service and do it publicly, so that potential customers can see it.

Respond quickly (within 24-48 hours)

The client felt it was quite important to post a public notice, so consider it urgent. Respond quickly, show that you are aware of customer feedback and that you are an active participant in your business.

Offer to do things right

Always offer to right your wrongs. If someone is not happy with their meal, invite them over for free dinner at home and put your best chef at home. If their shirt arrived with a tear in the sleeve, send in a replacement and get it done ASAP.

Often times, customers won’t take your offer to catch up with you, but it’s essential that you offer what you want. Even if you want to show potential prospects that you are willing to go the extra mile.

Be authentic

Customers want to know that it’s a human responding to them, not a bot or IFTTT mechanism. Try to be as authentic as possible in your responses, and keep jargon and marketing rhetoric out of the equation. Keep it real, conversational, and honest, and your customer will appreciate it.

Regardless of the comment, be polite

It is important to take the lead in responding to negative reviews. Even if a customer shows a low blow, try to keep your response polite, polite, and focused on the issue at hand, which is customer dissatisfaction.

Be sympathetic

Stay sympathetic with customer complaints. Saying “I’m sorry” or “I understand” can go a long way in making a customer feel like their opinion is valid (and valued). He will necessarily appreciate this gesture as simple as it is.

Think about future customers

If a potential customer read this bad review, what concerns would they have? That their order will arrive late? That their food will be bad? That the products don’t work or the clothes don’t fit?

Find a way to resolve these issues in your response and allay the concerns of your potential customers. Acting like this will reassure future customers.

Contact the customer offline

Once you’ve responded publicly online, make an effort to reach out to the customer personally to prove that that’s not all. Email them or give them a call to find out how to fix the situation. This kind of extra effort might even encourage them to come back and edit their comment or post a new one.

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