How do I get discounts on Airbnb?

The homeless or globetrotters are more than ever on the lookout for good accommodation plans. If Airbnb is the benchmark in this area, other options allow you to travel cheaper.

How do I get discounts on Airbnb?

By playing on the duration

Accommodation on Airbnb often benefits from decreasing rates depending on the rental period. The price for two or three days is frequently 5 to 40% higher than that displayed for two weeks or even a month. The traveler who does not have a duration constraint has every interest in comparing the proposals according to the length of the stay.

By negotiating its rates

People leaving on off-peak periods or at the last minute can contact the host directly asking for a gesture of goodwill. This option is obviously only possible after presenting an irreproachable profile and having given all the guarantees of confidence to the host.

By generating travel credit

Airbnb encourages its customers, via their profile, to share a travel credit link with their networks. The contacts then benefit from a credit on the first trip and the customer can accumulate travel credit as their friends travel. By widely sharing this link, the customer can accumulate an advantageous travel credit.

By registering as a new customer

By using a sponsorship code from an Airbnb customer, any new account benefits from a reduction of at least € 35 on their first reservation. The profile must be real and credible, it is not about creating fictitious accounts. The traveler can juggle with the adults around him who do not yet have an account or get closer to an Airbnb sponsorship community such as

By evaluating the services

Airbnb offers to evaluate each service once the stay is over. No need to answer immediately: the reminder sent within 14 days may contain a promotion code. This is not automatically offered but it is interesting to wait for this reminder.

How to find cheaper accommodation otherwise?

Leaving at the last minute

The traveler without constraint can search for a destination for an immediate departure in off-peak periods. Very often, operators display attractive discounts in order to make a period profitable. On sites such as, nomads will easily find good deals.

By staying with the locals

Sites like or display accommodation with accommodation providers at unbeatable prices. Rather focused on rooms for rent, the services do not offer independent apartments. This method of booking is best suited for solo travelers.

By exchanging accommodation

Couchsurfing accommodation is free in all parts of the world. Based on a spirit of community, passing visitors come into contact with individuals who adhere to this principle. In return, the traveler agrees to host other nomads in search of a roof over their heads.

By working to be accommodated

The principle of woofing is also based on a collaborative network. Here, homeless people find accommodation by working a few hours a day for the host, ideal for independent travelers looking to immerse themselves in a culture. In addition, it allows you to learn about various trades.

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