How do I get rid of moss on my house roof?

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If you want to get rid of moss on your house roof, you need to use specific tools and methods. How to proceed to accomplish this task quickly and efficiently? We invite you to discover it thanks to the following tips.

Clean the gutters

This trick is really mandatory to defoam your roof and remove moisture. Indeed, it consists of completely clearing your gutters. Generally, your roof and gutters contain moss, even if they are cleaned regularly. You must rid your roof of all plant species. You can use a metal brush if some parts are etched.

After that, you can rinse your roof with plain water. Be careful, do not rinse with bleach, as it has harmful effects on the roofing materials.

The use of a high-pressure cleaner

To remove encrusted moss and stains on your roof, you can use a high-pressure cleaner on condition that you exercise caution. Note that this cleaning tool is very powerful. It can damage your roof if it is made of slate or is composed of fragile tiles. These constituents are therefore very fragile and their cleaning requires a certain delicacy.

The water repellent

Water repellent is an excellent solution because it prevents water infiltration that your roof may experience. It is an anti humidity treatment. To use it, you just have to apply it with a brush several times on your roof. This product is used after defoaming and cleaning to limit the return of foam. Be careful, the water repellent is corrosive for certain construction materials such as tiles. Also avoid cleaning with bleach

Bleach is considered a very effective disinfectant. Sometimes it is the source of several scrubs. However, you cannot use bleach to remove moss from your roof. Unfortunately, it has adverse effects on, for example, tiled and even slate roofs. It gradually clogs your roof if you use it regularly.

Installation of copper wires

The combustion of copper caused by water is very effective against the growth of moss. Thus, by installing copper wires on the top of your roof, this combustion caused by the rain will limit the appearance of moss on your roof. It should be noted that these copper wires must be changed every 5 years and do not exempt you from regular cleaning of your roof. This tip is not applicable on zinc roofs.

The anti-moss solution

Once the cleaning and the defoaming are done, we advise you to use an anti-foam product which will limit the return of the foam. Some products used do not require rinsing, while others are used by spraying and then rinsing out. In addition, on the market you can also find organic anti-moss products. It is then better to use these products than others having harmful effects on not only your health, but also on the environment.

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