How do I know if my car’s alternator is defective?

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The alternator is a key element in a car, if it is faulty, it is essential to change it. It can be the cause of a starting problem, while we often think of the battery or the starter. It is therefore necessary to know how to recognize a defective alternator to erase this probability if necessary or, on the contrary, to change it.

What is the role of an alternator?

The alternator is a part that allows all the electronic components of a car to operate using energy from the battery. If it cannot use the battery because it is dead, it will use the motor.

If it is necessary to use the engine, then this will be done through the alternator belt, it will allow energy to be sent to the alternator and then to the various electronic accessories. The battery, it allows only limited energy when the engine is off.

Why change an alternator?

The alternator allows the battery to work without draining itself, if the alternator is faulty, the battery will have to work by itself. Once the battery has used all of its energy, the car will no longer be able to start.

What are the signs of a faulty alternator?

There are several ways to find out that an alternator is defective. The signs that can alert you are:

  • The first is the fact that the LED warning of a battery problem lights up. The first cause is often a battery problem, but it can also be the alternator.
  • When the alternator loses power, the indicator lights will have more difficulty coming on.
  • If the car does not start you need to recharge the battery with the necessary equipment. This could mean that the problem is with the alternator and not with the battery.
  • The belt connected to the alternator emits noises or odors, it may mean that there is friction and that it is overheating.

Why choose the Valeo brand for its alternator?

Now that you know how to spot an alternator problem, sometimes it is too late and the best thing to do is change it. Choosing the alternators of the valeo brand is guilty of good quality.

You should know that one in 3 vehicles is equipped with a Valeo alternator, so it is good to replace it with a similar product. The quality is guaranteed, numerous tests are carried out on their products, throughout production. The brand works with many manufacturers, which allows it to offer alternators adapted to the model of the car.

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