How Do I Know Who Are the People Who Viewed My Facebook Profile?

So far, Facebook does not natively offer any functionality like “who viewed my profile?” “.

This can be a bit worrying, as you can follow and be followed by thousands of people who may be viewing your profile without your knowledge. But rest assured, there are plenty of workarounds to fix this problem. Find here all our tips to know who has consulted your Facebook account, as well as to protect it properly.

Use the Super Viewer for Facebook extension

This is a very popular and rather successful tip. It consists of installing an extension to your Google Chrome browser by searching the Super Viewer for Facebook page. Are you there? Download the extension and you will then be prompted to add it to Chrome.

Back on your Facebook page, take a look at the menu bar at the top, and you’ll see the new “Visitors” tab to the right of your name. Anytime you want to know who has viewed your profile, just click on it.

Look directly in the source code

Even though it’s not 100% reliable, it’s still a good tip for discovering your secret Facebook admirers. From the Chrome browser on your computer, log into your account and do the Ctrl + U command and you will be redirected to your account’s source code page.

That’s it ? Then do the Ctrl + F command to open the search bar and type ” InitialChatFriendsList “. Among the series of digits presented, copy the first one, without its serial number (-0, -1, -2, etc.). Then paste it into the Facebook search bar to see your most recent visitor.

Rely on suggestions from friends

Do you often receive notifications of friend suggestions? And sometimes these are people you don’t even recognize and don’t share friends with, right? It’s easy to believe it’s a (happy) coincidence, but actually no!

This notification is more of a way for Facebook to let you know that this person has viewed your profile. And then, maybe you would recognize her and / or wish to become friends with her and widen your circle on the network.

3 tips to best protect your account

To avoid bad visits, make your Facebook profile invisible

This is an interesting process when you don’t want to be tracked down by search engines. From your profile, click Settings, then on Confidentiality. Then modify the ” Do you want search engines outside of Facebook to display your profile? By unchecking the box.

Filter the view of your posts

This is a technique of blocking people and restricting access to your posts. To do this, go to the Settings of your account and choose the option Blocking located on the left. You can then edit the list of blocked people, block users, messages, pages, etc.

Hide your likes

This keeps your areas of interest secret. To hide them, in your news feed, you will see a series of tabs: Newspaper, About,…, Archives, More. Click on “ More “And choose” Manage sections “. In the menu that appears, uncheck the cage of likes.

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