How do I know who is viewing my Facebook profile?

Is it really possible to find out who is viewing your Facebook profile? A question that many users of Mark Zuckerberg’s social network have asked themselves, whether it is to be able to measure their influence on the platform or simply to satisfy their curiosity.

Between the official Facebook policy on this subject and the many unofficial extensions that abound on the internet to find information on his Facebook account, we invite you to see more clearly on this thorny subject.

Where can I see who is viewing my profile on Facebook?

It’s a fact, Facebook does not offer any option or official extension to know who is viewing your profile on the platform. Mark Zuckerberg explains in the help pages of his social network:

“No, Facebook does not let users know who is viewing their profile. Third party applications also do not provide this function. If you discover an application that claims to offer this possibility, we recommend that you report that application to us. ”

We can not be clearer as an answer on this subject. Facebook has thus locked all possibilities of knowing who is visiting your profile., your newspaper, your publications or your photos and this since the beginning of the social network. A bad for a good in order to promote the anonymity of its users. But rest assured, if you can’t see who’s viewing your profile, then other users can’t see that you’ve visited theirs either.

The applications to see who is viewing my Facebook profile?

If on the Facebook site or the Facebook application there is no way to find out who is viewing your profile, many smartphone applications and extensions appear regularly on the web, Google Play and the Apple Store, promising this kind of service to spy. However, Facebook strongly advises against using these unofficial apps that claim to provide this kind of service and encourages users to report them. But why is the social media giant waging war on these third-party apps?

The unofficial applications are very dangerous for the safety of gullible users, who thinks they can break Facebook rules. By not reading the user agreements of these third-party applications, you are willingly giving them your Facebook username and password, your personal data, your profile picture, cover picture, even the ability to browse and retrieve the content from your smartphone.

There are thus thousands of users around the world who have fallen into the trap of these hackers and who have had their accounts hacked or simply scammed, some applications being paid. Some applications, in addition to being real spyware, spread instant advertising messages through Facebook Messenger, your Facebook groups and your news feed.

If all these apps end up being deleted one day or another, they reappear later under a new name to make new victims among your Facebook friends. The real ‘who visits my Facebook profile’ scam still has a bright future ahead.

Is there no way to see who is viewing my Facebook profile?

As you will have understood, there is no real way to see who is viewing your profile: neither officially on Facebook, nor by third-party applications which are only intended for hacking. However, you can get an idea of ​​the users who follow you most frequently. And for that, you won’t need to install anything, only to rely on the tools already provided by Facebook, nothing very geeky, it’s the same recommendation as for Instagram.

For that, you will need to analyze the recurring names in the likes and comments of the publications and photos you post, in short, who may have interacted with your posts or your profile page. It might not be what you expected, but it’s always better than nothing to get a little bit of info on your audience.

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