How do I manage my sales team’s expense reports?

In companies, there are many tasks, which seem minor and yet take a lot of time, such as managing expense reports, of its sales representatives. There are solutions to automate this tedious task and allow for good management.

Understand the difference between actual and fixed costs

In the different expense reports that companies can receive, you can have the actual costs and the fixed costs, in order to manage them well, you have to know how they work and what the differences are.

What are the actual costs of an expense report?

The actual costs are the costs for which the company must reimburse the exact sum of the amount paid by the salesperson. You will have the toll tickets and a restaurant, fuel, hotel ticket for example.

The sales representative must keep all supporting documents if they wish to be reimbursed by their company afterwards. This requires VAT management, checking that the expenditure limit is not exceeded, these are tasks that can take a lot of time.

What does the flat-rate cost of an expense report consist of?

If you are in the case of flat-rate costs, the authorized amounts are defined previously, for example, you have 100 € for hotel nights as part of your work. This amount is given to the sales representative before his trip and the latter must manage according to the envelope he has.

Flat-rate charges rarely replace some real costs, like fuel and tolls or the unexpected, like inviting a customer to a restaurant. Even if solutions exist such as the loan of a company car and a motorway badge for example.

Use expense report management software

To better manage these various costs and save time, it is preferable to use an expense report software. There are many advantages to using this type of software for both business and sales.

  • Save time by avoiding re-entry following sales receipts
  • Automatic VAT recovery
  • Fiscal and social regulations respected
  • Standardized expense report management
  • A global vision of the expenses of its sales representatives

These are the overall advantages of using expense report software, it is also much simpler for each of the stakeholders, because the software is adapted according to the user.

  • As a manager, you will have easy to validate expense reports and keep overall visibility thanks to a dashboard
  • As a sales representative, all you have to do is file your expense report, with a simple photo, you too will have a dashboard that will allow you to know the progress of the processing of your expense report, as well as a history of your requests.
  • HR can easily export data for accounting, add new employees, create standard expense reports.

Provide them with a corporate bank card

If you don’t want to bother with these different expense reports, even though there will always be some, you can opt for a corporate card. This card has liquidity determined in advance and which allows the salesperson to pay these various costs with it.

The expense reports will still be relevant, however there will be a saving of time in terms of reimbursements. In addition, cash flow will be less and therefore easier to justify, reducing all the administrative paperwork.

With a defined amount, there is no abuse and the different teams are in balance, the budget is better managed.

Good expense management is important for the company

It is essential to be able to justify all the fresh notes reimbursed by the company, because these are exempt from social charges, unlike salaries. The Urssaf can then check that everything is in order and ensure that no expense report actually hides a disguised salary supplement.

An expense report management software makes it possible to avoid this type of inconvenience by having a real follow-up, a grouping of all the data. Thus, the control will be much more appreciated by each of the parties, because the control body will have a global and precise vision of the various reimbursements made for the sales representatives.

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