How Do I Pick a Good Cloud Service Provider?

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Choosing a good cloud service provider is important as we trust them with all of our data as well as our applications. Opting for Cloud Computing brings many advantages, but it is still necessary to ensure the reliability of the hosting service provider. Hosting your site in the Cloud guarantees users permanent availability to services and information: in the event of an IT problem, the site remains accessible, automatically switched to another server. But it must be the same for the customer who uses the services of the web host: reactivity, availability and adaptability will be the keys to an effective partnership.

Choose a reliable web host

A good cloud service provider must first be financially stable, with the necessary capital to ensure the service in the long term, as is the case with PlanetHoster. Moreover, the company has set up a formal management structure, risk management strategies as well as a process for evaluating third-party service providers.

As customers, we will have to trust the web host completely. To do this, it is advisable to identify your partners in order to better understand your reputation; you can also consult other customers or simply read reviews on the net. It is important that the web hosting provider adapts its services according to the needs of its customers; it must then be able to validate this compliance of our needs by conducting an audit.

A hosting service with user-friendly services

A great cloud service provider is able to provide performance reports to their customers. With a good web host, for example, billing and accounting are automated: it is much easier to keep track of resources and budget in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. Everything must be transparent!

A responsive support service

Before choosing a provider for host your website in the cloud, we must ensure that it is able to ensure the maintenance of services, optimal bandwidth and excellent responsiveness in the event of a failure. It must also offer an API to support customers in their interactions with the Cloud, especially for those who do not have an in-house IT department.

If your site traffic changes, the service provider’s offer must be able to adapt to this new scale.

Safe web hosting

Compliance with security measures is a major criterion when choosing your cloud service provider. It must ensure optimal security of all data through the implementation of various security strategies, a policy for backing up and storing secure data, in addition to controls ensuring the physical security of the material and equipment. It is important that the supplier ensures a disaster recovery plan and of business continuity In case of problem.

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