How do new technologies manage and regulate road traffic?

In large cities as well as in local communities, we are witnessing the proliferation of many vehicles such as electric cars, classic cars and those called autonomous. The challenges related to traffic management are no longer the same, requiring new technologies for more efficient management. It is with this in mind that the local authorities as well as the Government spare no effort while investing in cooperation with organizations such as New Technologies to create solutions that meet current needs.

A necessity in local communities and in cities

For a fluidity of movement in cities and local communities, new measures must be taken. Nowadays, we are witnessing the explosion in the number of so-called autonomous cars and other types of vehicles, whether two-wheelers as well as cars that cause huge traffic jams in the streets and on the highways.

Traditional management systems are no longer sufficient to ensure better management of road traffic. So, specialized agencies like Technologies Nouvelles work with the competent authorities in order to offer sustainable solutions while carrying out studies and evaluations of traffic flows and supporting projects in order to create the best conditions for mobility. The organization also makes sure to find solutions for controlling and regulating traffic in real time in order to make travel safer and make traffic more fluid.

Possibility of ordering tailor-made road management applications

The challenges related to road management and control are not the same in all cities. In large cities, the stakes are higher because of the number of people and vehicles, while in small communities, road challenges are less painful to deal with. To do this, it is possible to order applications capable of carrying out remote monitoring at traffic light intersections.

The design of these tailor-made applications can be used as an annual subscription without the possibility of managing local infrastructure. The tailor-made applications created by Technologies Nouvelles make it possible to find multiple solutions. Among other things, the applications make it possible to be informed in real time on the situation and the state of the infrastructures at the level of traffic lights. They allow agents to intervene quickly and precisely in the event of a malfunction in order to resolve road problems.

An installation, configuration and maintenance service for long-lasting use

For better road traffic management, the experts will be able to install, configure and maintain the tailor-made applications that you have ordered from Technologies Nouvelles. Company teams have the opportunity to work across the entire chain. By using secure and dedicated Internet access, specialists ensure that they maintain the Central Traffic Control Stations. Also, once the application has been installed, local communities have the option of managing the system independently. The experts make sure to train operators on the systems and software used, but also to provide them with advice in various areas such as the deployment of traffic light, to name but a few.

Among the services offered, you have remote telephone assistance in case of need for operators by a team of specialists, maintenance in all areas (whether it is preventive maintenance or corrective maintenance). Experts also do ongoing maintenance, which allows applications to function following updates to application systems, web browsers used, etc.

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