How do thieves go about stealing your bikes?

Every day, on average one in two people suffer from bike theft, and the rate of filing complaint keeps climbing. The fault is not necessarily linked to their owners which, for the most part, use well-studied anti-theft systems. Despite these security measures, they have their bikes mysteriously taken away. The question that needs to be asked is how thieves go about it steal bikes. We answer this question in this article.

What places are thieves targeted?

People who intend to steal bicycles operate in certain strategic locations. Most of the operations of bike theft take place in the homes of the victims; that is to say in their houses or around the houses. Also, cases of bicycle theft are recorded in and around the unfortunate owner’s workplace. These operations can also be carried out in public spaces, but also in certain so-called risk areas. This is the case of university campuses or station stations.

According to some reports, bicycle theft operations occur mainly by breaking in, outside or inside the home of the targeted person, outside shops, but also in leisure centers.

What are the bike theft techniques?

There are many techniques that malicious individuals use to achieve their ends. Very often they act on the system anti-theft or lock used for cycling. Below are the different possible techniques employed by these individuals to make their operations successful:

  • Take the bike and its lock

If the cyclist decides toto hook his bicycle to a pole, it is enough for the thief to pass it with his anti-theft above the post. The operation becomes easier, especially when the post is not strong.

If there is a gap between the bike and the rack to which it is attached, the thief can easily override the locking system using tools such as the jack, crowbar, crowbar or my lord pliers. The most experienced skilfully turn the bicycle frame or the gallows against the support to break the lock of the anti-theft device.

To speed up the theft operation, the thief can use, if possible, cutting tools such as wire cutters, bolt cutters, angle grinders or even shears and hacksaw for saw the anti-theft device.

The thief can also use a hammer to smash the padlock which is used for lock A bike. It is enough to exert a few striking blows on the padlock to make it jump. It is even easier if the padlock is dragging on the ground.

If the cyclist uses a protection system with a lock and a key, then it will be easy for the thief to make the lock picking of the lock. To do this, the thief just needs to introduce tools into the lock in order to make it pick. So he can open it and take the bike.

These are many techniques that allow thieves to to steal A bike. Now that you are informed, please protect yours well to avoid this!

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