How do you approach the subject of sexuality with your adolescent children?

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Sexuality is one of the most delicate subjects to discuss with children. Some parents even avoid the subject and consider it taboo. How to approach the subject of sexuality with adolescent children? Here are some tips to help you better educate teenage children about sex.

Present sexuality as normal

Globalization has made the subject of sexuality commonplace and children are more likely to find information about it on various social networks or on the Internet. However, it is very important that this information comes from the parents to ensure that the answers are in line with the health risks.

They must therefore present all the information on the subject and discuss it in a relaxed manner with their teenage children.

Talk about all aspects of sexuality.

In order not to have children who are uncontrollable or dependent on their sexual urges, it is important to present all the contours of sexuality.

Indeed, it is for example important to speak about respect in sexuality. It is essential to respect your partner and avoid considering him or her as a sexual object. This therefore highlights the prerequisite of mutual consent in any sexual relationship. You can only have sex with a willing person. You don’t have to have a psycho license to know how to say that to your children, especially young boys who sometimes feel authorized to do whatever they want.

The importance of feelings in this type of relationship should also be addressed. The purpose of integrating feelings into sex is to take the performance out of sex to make way for the human aspect of it. It is also important to talk to him about the prerequisites or foreplay of sex and we are not talking about techniques for making love, but rather the need to exchange his fears, his desires and prohibitions with his partner.

Adopt a relaxed tone

To broach this type of subject is very delicate. However, educating your child sexually requires their participation. To do this, it is important not to be too serious. Indeed, approaching the subject too seriously will automatically close the door to a discussion with your child.

Thus, it is advisable to be more relaxed, receptive and attentive to their concerns in order to better respond to them. The relaxed air will give your child confidence. Once in confidence, the latter will be better able to confide in you all of his concerns on the subject.

Plus, with a cool demeanor, you can easily pass for an advisor rather than a nasty censor. Telling your daughter that you don’t want her to have sex while she is in college is less effective than telling her about the rumors that will go quickly if she agrees to sleep easily with the boys in her class …

Introduce the health aspect of sexuality

Health is an aspect that should not be overlooked in sex education. Indeed, it is important to teach them that before any sexual intercourse, it is necessary to protect oneself. Failure to comply with this rule can have harmful consequences. As a consequence of not respecting the use of a condom, one can have unwanted pregnancies which can completely upset the course of their lives.

To limit the risk of unwanted pregnancies, also take stock of contraceptive methods. Having unprotected sex could also lead to them contracting sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) which can even make them infertile.

Ultimately, it is important for parents to ensure sex education for their children. This education will allow your children to control their impulses and have a more fulfilling sexuality. But above all, we obviously have to make them understand that all of this can and must wait for the majority.

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