How do you choose the right polo shirt for men?

Many men wear polo shirts, whether for work or just at home. It is a garment that can be both very dressy and relaxing. Each brand has a range of polo shirts for men, which is why the choice can become complicated. To make the right choice, just follow a few tips.

What are the criteria for a well-cut polo shirt?

Tommy Hilfiger Blue Polo
Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Street Blue Polo Shirt

A well-worn polo shirt is a well-cut polo shirt, this will obviously depend on the build of the man who will wear it, but also on the model of the polo shirt.

A close-fitting polo shirt, but not tight

The sleeves should be halfway between the shoulder and the elbow and you can insert a finger between it and your body. It is thanks to this that you will see that it is too tight or not, less than a finger too tight, more than a finger too big.

Shoulder seam

As with the shirts, the seams visible on the shoulder must fall on the end of the shoulder to consider that the polo shirt is adapted to your figure.

The right length

There are two types of polo shirt in terms of length, you have the one where the back of the polo shirt is longer, it will then have to be worn inside the garment, pants or shorts. But you also have the one where there is no distinction and you can wear it outside.


The best is always to try, because from one brand to another the size of a garment varies greatly. If you can’t try it, use your shirt size as a guide.

The cup

When it comes to polo shirts, there are five different fits to choose from, which are as follows:

  • The classic, the sleeves are close to the elbow, and the polo shirt itself is a bit looser, it’s perfect for men who have a small noticeable stomach.
  • Regular, the sleeves are generally long and wide, with a wide waist.
  • Slim and Slim Fit, the cut is adjusted to the waist and for the slim fit, the sleeves are short and tight.
  • Half-slim, it is between the slim and classic cut, it is not tight to the body, but with shorter sleeves all the same.

What preferred material for his polo shirt?

Tommy Hilfiger Polo Shirt Pink
Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Street Polo Shirt Pink

The polo shirt can be made of 6 different materials used by brands, each of which has their own quality. This is an important criterion for choosing, find the ideal men’s polo shirt on Rue des Hommes and choose from the many brands available.

Blends of fabrics

It is an ideal material for reinforcing the fabric and therefore making the polo shirt more resistant. However, it is not the most pleasant material, the perspiration will be felt more. It is an entry level polo shirt.

Athletic fabrics

These are polo shirts designed for sportsmen, breathable and wicking away perspiration. In addition, the cut follows the shape of the body, so as not to be awkward regardless of the movements.


It is a very resistant material, it is also very practical, because it does not crease or shrink.

The silk

It is a material which makes the fabric very soft and light, it is better to choose it with a cotton or linen blend to keep its original color. It is a more fragile material, in terms of maintenance.

Linen and cotton

Less soft than cotton, but much lighter, it is very pleasant in summer during hot weather. Cotton is resistant to it and is very comfortable, plus it also wicks away perspiration very well.

The type of weaving for the polo shirt

There are two weavings, the pique which is the most frequent for the polo shirts, it is this weaving which gives it all its flexibility. Jersey is the second weave and gives it a much closer look to a classic t-shirt.

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