How do you choose the right type of motorcycle for you?

Do you know the difference between a sports motorcycle, a cruiser and a naked motorcycle? If not, don’t worry. We offer you a visual guide to the eight most common types of motorcycles on the market today.


Sportbikes are one of two motorcycle archetypes that everyone thinks of. Have a child draw a fast motorcycle and they will try to draw a CBR or GSX-R. Sports motorcycles are all about performance, acceleration, cornering and braking. They are as light and powerful as possible, and generally less comfortable than other types of motorcycles.

Standard or bare motorcycles

Many modern standard motorcycles – also known as naked motorcycles – offer almost all the performance of sports motorcycles, but with a more comfortable riding position, muffler, and a bit more general utility. This is a growing segment with great promise for the electric motorcycle segment.

Bi-sport motorcycles

Partly on the road and partly on land, so-called “dual sport” motorcycles are authorized to drive on the motorway and to travel in town or in the suburbs. But they can also tackle off-road trails on weekends. If you want a more street-oriented dual-purpose motorcycle, look for a supermoto, which is a dual-purpose motorcycle with 17-inch wheels and road tires.

Cruiser Motorcycles

Inspired by stylistic themes defined by Harley-Davidson, most cruiser motorcycles are low, long, and somewhat petty in appearance. These bikes can even be customized by adding a harley davidson tracker handlebar or a sissy bar chopper. Their main advantage is a low saddle and a certain gait. Harley-Davidson may be the originator of the cruiser motorcycle style, but other popular manufacturers – including some Italian manufacturers – have created their own style.

Touring and sport touring motorcycles

Today’s touring and sport touring motorcycles are built for the long haul and include full weather protection, waterproof luggage and other amenities like heated grips, stereos and LED front lights. As the name suggests, the sport touring motorcycle is designed for riders who want to sacrifice a bit of comfort to be able to lean on the bike.

Adventure motorcycles

Adventure motorcycles, or ADVs, are another booming genre. These bikes are inspired by the long-popular BMW R-GSs, which are actually big road machines with off-road capabilities as well.


Often for city dwellers there is nothing more functional than a scooter. Full-size scooters are comfortable for taller riders, have lockable luggage space, and have phenomenal gas mileage.

Retro motorcycles

With styling reminiscent of the roots of motorcycles, combined with modern technologies like anti-lock brakes and fuel injection, today’s retro motorcycles are both mechanically simple and extremely reliable.

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