How do you get your cat used to the leash?

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Our cats are part of our daily life. Whether it is to take him on vacation with us or simply to make him enjoy our picnics by the lake, the idea of ​​going out with our little furballs has already crossed our minds. But how to make it become a habit for our cat and a way to make him exercise.

Harness VS collar, who wins the fight?

This is no scoop: cats are not dogs. Thus, it is obvious that we are not going to choose the same equipment. Indeed, for our cats, we will favor the harness rather than the necklace which can be dangerous for him if he starts to struggle. With the harness, the pressure will be distributed over the whole body: no risk of strangulation for our kitten, many opinions on cat harnesses are available online.

Which cat leash to choose?

There are many kinds of leashes for our animals. For our cats, we recommend more thin, elastic leashes which will give it more freedom without losing control. Many leashes are suitable, but be careful! Ban retractable leashes, dangerous for our feline.

First step: Gradually insert the harness and leave her in her daily life

As a first step, it is advisable to put the leash and harness with your cat’s toys so that he can tame them, leave its scent there. Once these objects are anchored in the habits of our furball, we can take the next step.

Second step: The acceptance of these objects on his body

Once he knows the harness, it’s time to hook him up to it. First for short moments, between 5 and 15 minutes, several times a day. Then, gradually, we lengthen the duration of these moments. Once the time is up, let’s think about congratulating our cat! The objective of these exercises is to make wearing the harness acceptable first, then completely harmless in the second.

Once this step is over, we attach the leash. To begin with, we let it drag behind him. Then, once he is used to it, we take it in hand. Everything takes place inside the house, in an environment that he knows and in which he feels reassured.

Step three: Take your cat out on the leash

As for all the other stages, the watchword is “gradually”, the cat walk is learned in several stages. It is often advisable to start taking our cat out first in the garden or on the balcony so that it gets used to noises, smells and temptations from outside while having the constraint of the leash.

Although it is recommended not to take your cat out for too long the first few times, you must still give him time to explore his environment.

Once he admits the outside world is not a real danger for him, we will favor the parks for the first real quiet outings to avoid the stress of cars etc …

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