How do you know at what age you are going to die and how?

The subject of death has always aroused interests of various kinds. Some people avoid it, some want to understand it, some want to explain it. But unanimously, everyone would have liked to know at what age he will die.

Know the date of death from his behavior

To know when he died, it is important to monitor his health. Also, it must be said that there are obvious behaviors such as alcohol, tobacco and drugs that influence life expectancy.

However, there are other daily behaviors that are unsuspected, but which reduce life expectancy. It is possible to rely on the analysis of these behaviors to have an estimate of the time of death even if it is not a precise date.

  • Time spent watching TV

A study has shown that spending too much time in front of the television is detrimental to life expectancy. Apart from the obvious sedentary lifestyle, the effects of television light have a negative influence on life expectancy.

Known as a silent destroyer, stress has adverse effects on health. Hormones like adrenaline and cortisol, repeated too often in the body shorten life expectancy by 33 years.

The effects of sleeping pills on heart rate and blood circulation are known to be dangerous and can shorten life expectancy by 20 years.

  • Take a plane too often

A study carried out on people working on airplanes shows that the risk for them of contracting cancer is higher because of radiation and cosmic rays.

Too much sleep has strong correlations with diabetes and serious heart disease which shortens life expectancy

Charcoal grilled barbecues produce as much smoke as 200 cigarettes and dramatically shorten life expectancy.

A 1991 study at Columbia University claimed that left-handed people would live 9 years less than right-handed people.

Several studies in various countries have already proven that polluted air is the basis of several diseases and cancers linked to the lungs.

Know the dead date from statistics

There are also statistics that can inspire and help calculate the age of death. But this will only be an approximate calculation without specifying the date.

Life expectancy is calculated from the probabilities of death by age. In other words, these data are based on the probabilities of dying in the year for people who reach a given age.

  • According to the year of birth

By considering the environment and the sanitary conditions of the year, statistics can be compiled to determine life expectancy.

Some cultures are used to determine statistics on life expectancy. The personality and in particular the age also makes it possible to determine the date of death.

Know the date of death by reading the lines of the hand

Palmistry is the practice of reading and interpreting lines and other signs in the palm of the hand. By reading the lines of the hand of an individual, as this article says, the practitioners of palmistry would determine his behavior, personality and character. They would also be able to predict his fate, his lifestyle, his potentials and even the number of years of his life.

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