How do you make sure that an elderly person can stay at home safely?

Elderly people need a number of precautions to continue living in their usual environment while maintaining their independence. It is therefore important to meet certain essential conditions in order to keep them safe at home. Find here some solutions to keep these people in good condition at home.

Have the right medical equipment available

To keep older people at home, you need to make sure that housing is well suited to their degree of autonomy. Also, you must have adequate equipment including good medical equipment. If you can’t buy one, consider renting medical equipment with Altivie.

A medical bed for more convenience at bedtime

The elderly with loss of mobility need ease and more practicality to go to bed. In addition to offering a tilting head, a medical bed also has a variable height. This facilitates the movement of these people, especially when going to bed and getting up, since this bed requires them to deploy less physical effort.

A wheelchair for easy movement

In addition to being easy to use, the wheelchair greatly simplifies travel for the elderly. Indeed, these people generally suffer from partial paralysis or muscle weakness. With light weight and practicality, the wheelchair offers great independence to the user. Comfort is of course there.

Adapted interior layout

To ensure good physical and psychological health for the elderly, it is essential to carry out some development work.

A suitable bathroom space

To improve the safety and comfort of your home, you sometimes have to undertake major works. For example, you can replace the bathtub with a fitted shower to create a suitable bathroom space. You can plan inclined planes in this room if there are steps for example.

A toilet that can accommodate a wheelchair

To facilitate the mobility of the elderly, it is essential to provide facilities and places that can accommodate a wheelchair. As an example, you can make some changes in the toilet by lowering the level of the toilet and other equipment. It is also possible to review the configuration of the place by adopting, for example, an Italian-style space.

Also remember to call a home help

Finally, for better support with state-of-the-art equipment, it is advisable to call in a home help. This assistance is all the more essential since it allows you to benefit from a range of services. She can take care of household chores, accompany the elderly on their outings or help them get dressed.

To conclude, the presence of a home help is important to keep the elderly at home in better conditions. However, do not hesitate to resort to the rental of good medical equipment.

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