How do you make sure that your children don’t lose their clothes at school anymore?

If you are a parent, you have probably already noticed that your child lost one or two clothes at school. It could for example be a lost glove, a forgotten coat or a sweater that he inadvertently forgot. To prevent children from confusing their clothes or losing them, there are several tips simple and very effective. Here’s how to end school clothes loss problems.

Opt for personalized labels

Personalized labels are the safest, but also the most effective way to prevent your child from coming home from school without any of their clothes. If you choose this solution, several options are possible for you. So, take for example the Stikets store, on it, it is possible to choose iron-on labels for your child’s clothes.

The label is easily applied in a few seconds on the garment to be protected. It is up to you to choose the customization mode of the child’s label. You will have to choose the shape and the text to appear on the accessory. You must also choose the style of writing, the drawing without forgetting the color.

Ask directly at the end of school if he has not left an item of clothing in his class

While personalized labels are very effective, they are not always enough. Indeed, in addition to marking each garment of your child, get in the habit of to ask him if he hasn’t accidentally forgotten something in his classroom.

If this is the case, the child can immediately return to pick it up. Also get in the habit of control yourself his clothes when you pick him up after class. If the child has forgotten or mistaken their coat for someone else’s, you can quickly find a solution.

Always asking the child if he has forgotten anything will make him get into the habit of controlling its effects on his own when he leaves the classroom.

Mark their first name on labels in clothing

Two children in autumn clothes strolling outside

This is also a proven trick. By entering the child’s first name on his clothes, it will be difficult for him to confuse them with those of another student. If the child forgot an item of clothing, the name on the outfit would let the teacher know who owns it.

In addition to the designs and colors to put on the labels, consider finding a place to write the child’s first and last name. You can stick to these references. You can also put the child’s first or last name followed by a phone number, in this case that of the parents.

With a number, the head of the class can reach you if your child forgets an outfit in class.

Avoid putting clothes on them that you don’t want them to lose

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try everything, the child loses his clothes at school. If you don’t want him to misplace a particular item of clothing, the best solution is simply to do not wear it to him. So consider putting on a simple coat rather than a high-value item of clothing.

If over time, the child gets used to controlling his effects and not losing them at school, you can empower him by dressing him differently.

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