How do you store a valuable bottle of whiskey?

With its soft colors ranging from pale yellow to amber, whiskey is a beverage that appeals to more than one man and more than one woman.

For lovers of this drink full of character, storing it is a step that cannot be taken lightly, even more so when it is of value.

Whether you only have one bottle or a whole collection, you need to know how to properly store your treasure (closed or already open) to be able to enjoy all its qualities.

The position of the whiskey bottle

When it comes to alcoholic beverages, wine is not the only one to benefit from a personalized conservation technique. The conservation of valuable whiskey (or not) must follow certain rules.

The first of these is the position of the bottle. Open or closed, the bottle of Scotch, Irish or other whiskey must be kept upright. Never lay her down.

Lengthening the bottle would mean taking the risk that your valuable whiskey will oxidize faster. Also, the golden or amber beverage should never touch the cork stopper of the bottle. In order for your whiskey to last a long time, it must not be oxygenated.

Darkness as an ally

Whiskey does not need light. To keep all its beautiful aromas, flavor and color, it is essential that your whiskey is kept in a dark place. More and more whiskeys are distilled with caramel.

This ingredient gives them a more pleasant and dark color. However, a problem arises, since the components of caramel are very sensitive to light. As they degrade, they will spoil the taste and smell of your whiskey.

So take the trouble to store your whiskey bottle (s), especially valuable ones, away from the light. For whiskey sold in a box or tube, a closed cupboard is the ideal place.

The right temperature

Do not be afraid. To find the ideal temperature at which to store your whiskey, you won’t need a thermometer. The ambient temperature is excellent. Don’t think about putting your valuable bottle of whiskey in the fridge. Understand that places that are too cold are not what you need for your delicious beverage.

Even less, the temperatures too high. If you have to turn on the air conditioning or put on very light clothes to be comfortable, then you should find a cooler and suitable place for your dear whiskey as well.

The conservation of the opened whiskey

If your bottle has already been opened or opened, then you need to take certain precautions. In fact, hermetically sealed and unopened whiskey can be stored much easier and longer than opened whiskey.

Air and whiskey don’t mix. The lower the level of your whiskey, the more air there is in the bottle. This gradually alters its aromas. If you have slightly smaller bottles, pour your whiskey in. He’s more likely to hold on like this. We advise you to finish your whiskey in a maximum of 12 months, if it drops below a third of the bottle.

Standing in the dark and at the right temperature, your valuable whiskey can be stored for years. However, if it is started, you have about 3 years to finish it.

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