How does a bioethanol fireplace work?

The bioethanol fireplace is on the rise with a good number of households. Privileged for its practicality and its aesthetic character, it offers many advantages to the household. How does this type of fireplace work and how do you recharge it?

How does this type of fireplace work?

The ethanol fireplace has a different mode of operation from a conventional fireplace. First, it has no driving. However, it requires a fuel which is bioethanol.

Also called ethyl alcohol, bioethanol is a colorless liquid that easily turns into vapor. Flammable, it is considered a biofuel (obtained from raw materials of plant, animal or waste origin).

To operate, the fireplace burner is associated with the fuel that is ethanol. The burner receives the ethanol via the chimney tank. To start the equipment, it is enough to strike a match.

How to refill a bioethanol fireplace?

The method of recharging the bioethanol fireplace depends on the type of burner. There are indeed two different models of burners: manual and automatic. In the case of a fireplace equipped with manual burners, the bioethanol is poured directly into the combustion chamber.

To achieve this, you can use a funnel that you place in the opening of the burner. Furthermore, if the fireplace is equipped with an automatic burner, the bioethanol is introduced into the tank located behind a closed hatch. To unlock it, press the button on the left and push it to the side.

Now open the lid. Place a funnel in the fuel container and fill it. Once sufficiently filled, the burner will beep. It will also display a message on the LCD screen to indicate that it is full. Finally, in either case, make sure the burner is not on or hot before refilling.

What are the different types of bioethanol fireplaces?

On the market, you will find several types of bioethanol fireplaces.

  • The model to be placed on the table, the particularity of this type of fireplace is that its burner is surmounted by a goblet. On the market, it costs less than 400 €.
  • The wall-mounted bioethanol fireplace, fixed to the wall, it can be installed at the desired height. It avoids the risk of burns with young children. Its price is between 150 and 2,000 €.
  • The freestanding bioethanol fireplace, its main advantage is its mobility. It can thus be used to heat several rooms. More affordable, it costs between 80 and 1,000€.
  • The built-in bioethanol fireplace is particularly appreciated for its heating power, which is much higher than other models. For this model, count between 100 and 1500 €.

The final choice will depend on the budget you can afford for the purchase of a bioethanol fireplace, but also on your tastes.

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