How does remote monitoring work?

Remote monitoring is an excellent option to better secure a home, business, offices, etc. It is currently one of the most efficient systems in terms of security and which appeal to both individuals and professionals. Find out how this system works!

What is the principle of remote monitoring?

Know that in France, a home is the victim of an intrusion every 3 to 4 minutes. In this context, installing a remote monitoring system is an excellent alternative if you want to secure your home or business premises.

Remote surveillance ensures the security of property and occupants of a house or building against break-ins, intrusions, burglaries, fires or even domestic floods.

To benefit from it, just sign a contract with a remote monitoring company such as Verisure which generally offers alarms with remote monitoring. The service operates 24 hours a day and in the form of a subscription.

The remote monitoring system can be installed in all types of premises. It is based on an alarm system connected to a monitoring center, which constantly monitors your home or your premises remotely.

When an intrusion occurs or the sensors detect smoke, the monitoring station quickly detects the alert transmitted by the alarm. He then clears the doubt by making a telephone call to the home or the premises, by contacting the person indicated in the contract or by sending a security agent depending on the contract taken out.

If the problem persists, the appropriate authorities can be alerted.

Note that there are several types of sensors, among which are the anti-intrusion sensors such as motion detectors, opening detectors or glass breakage, anti-fire sensors such as heat and smoke detectors, anti-aggression sensors, etc.

What are the advantages of remote monitoring?

Remote monitoring presents undeniable advantages, both for professionals and individuals. First of all, she brings security and peace of mind, even when you are not at home.

If an intruder tries to enter your home or burglars try to break in, their presence is detected quickly before they manage to enter, allowing actions to be taken depending on the situation.

Remote monitoring also allows you to take advantage of professional services, including remote surveillance agents who provide permanent remote surveillance of your home or premises and security guards who are trained to intervene to ensure your safety.

Beyond the break-in or burglary, know that remote surveillance is also a practical tool to protect you from everyday dangers such as home fires and accidents like the fall or even the discomfort. Thanks to this system, one can react quickly according to the situation, in particular by calling the firefighters, emergency services, etc.

Also note that this type of system is easy to install. In addition, it is an excellent investment, insofar as the damage caused by a burglary can be very costly and amount to several thousand euros.

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